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The virtual conference featured theoretical and empirical presentations exploring the broad range of organizations addressing social issues, the roles they play in society, their performance, and the reasons for their existence.

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Past Conferences

In fall 2016, the Rustandy Center and the Marshall Institute cohosted the inaugural conference in Chicago.

This academic research conference brought together 40 faculty members from institutions across the globe, including CUNY’s Karna Basu, UCLA’s Bhagwan Chowdry, Duke’s Ofer Eldar, London School of Economics’ Maitreesh Ghatak, Harvard’s Oliver Hart, University of Oxford’s James Malcomson, Columbia’s Andrea Prat, and Loughborough University–London’s Justin Tumlinson. The conference focused on the growing set of organizations that are neither traditional profit-maximizing firms nor traditional wholly publicly owned or controlled government agencies.

The 2019 conference was held in London. View the 2019 conference agenda, or read a recap of the 2018 conference.

The Rustandy Center and the Marshall Institute will continue to alternate hosting duties for future conferences.

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