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On Tuesday, January 26, the Rustandy Center kicked off this year's "Perspectives in Philanthropy" series, which is designed to help Booth students and others in the UChicago community gain a deeper understanding of the role that philanthropy plays in American society, from the controversies surrounding its resources and influence to the issues and interests that it fuels. 

This session, "Is Justice Even Possible?," examined a leading philanthropic effort to reform and increase confidence in one of the country’s bedrock institutions: the American justice system. Julia Stasch, philanthropy executive in residence at the Rustandy Center, was joined in conversation by Kelli Rhee, president and CEO of Arnold Ventures, one of the foremost funders and innovators in criminal justice reform. They explored the organization’s distinctive multi-part structure and approach, its singular focus on evidence, and the significant changes it hopes to bring about in the justice system—including policing and pretrial, probation and parole, prisons, and reintegration.


  • Julia Stasch, Immediate Past President, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; Philanthropy Executive in Residence, Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation

Guest Speaker:

  • Kelli Rhee, President and Chief Executive Officer, Arnold Ventures

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