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Keep up with the latest in social impact. In the Rustandy Monthly, Chicago Booth faculty share their picks in social impact research and news; the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation shares upcoming events and articles. Have an article to recommend? Email us.

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Rustandy Monthly Newsletter Past Issues

Check out past issues of the Rustandy Monthly newsletter:

  • Volume 38: June 2023
    The Legacy of Discrimination in Education; A Spike in Premature Black Deaths
  • Volume 37: April 2023
    The Impact of Judge Shopping; Big Oil Invests in Climate Tech
  • Volume 36: March 2023
    Reimagining Capitalism Provides a Roadmap; New Incentives in Clean Energy
  • Volume 35: February 2023
    How to Attract Investments to Social Ventures; A First Look at a Guaranteed Income Pilot
  • Volume 34: January 2023
    How Social Capital Impacts Upward Mobility; Agitators, Innovators, Orchestrators
  • Volume 33: November 2022
    A Marketplace for Business Skills; Underestimating the Power of Gratitude
  • Volume 32: October 2022
    Janesville Chronicles Rebuilding a Community; Tackling Income Inequality
  • Volume 31: September 2022
    Phonics and Other Innovations in Education; Digging into the Value of a College Degree
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