Social Research Funding

FundingThe Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation awards social research funding to Chicago Booth faculty and PhD students, who bring the school’s disciplined approach to bear on seemingly intractable problems. The center then strives to share these learnings with people tackling complex social and environmental problems, so their work becomes more effective.

Our Funder

These social enterprise grants are made possible thanks to funding from Andrew Stone, ’81, CEO of New York–based Petra Capital Management and other real estate investment vehicles.

Recent Research

The Rustandy Center has funded 12 research projects since 2015.

Among them is an effort to measure the impact of a program offering remote coaching to Ugandan entrepreneurs. The study, by Booth professor Pradeep Chintagunta, seeks to evaluate the efficacy of nonprofit Grow Movement’s coaching program, which pairs international business professionals with founders in Uganda for remote consulting sessions.

In another study, Booth professor Michael Minnis and Booth PhD student Raphael Duguay will look at whether requiring nonprofits to disclose specific information on tax forms affects how those organizations make management or governance decisions.

And in another study, Booth professor George Wu will see if he can increase a nonprofit’s retention of volunteers using “nudges,” a behavioral science intervention coined by Booth professor Richard H. Thaler and Harvard University’s Cass Sunstein.


Information About Social Reseach Funding

For more information on social research funding, contact Salma Nassar. Information on the research projects that have received funding from the Rustandy Center is available here (pdf).

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