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This week, 14 teams advanced to the next round of the 2021 John Edwardson, ’72, Social New Venture Challenge (SNVC).

With the announcement, teams move on to Phase II of the startup competition, which allows University of Chicago students to work throughout the Spring Quarter to launch a nonprofit or for-profit enterprise with a social mission at its core. 

Finalists will compete for at least $150,000 in cash prizes at the SNVC Finals on Tuesday, June 1. 

Operated by Chicago Booth’s Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation and UChicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the SNVC is the social impact track of the university’s nationally ranked business launch program, the New Venture Challenge. 

This year marks the 11th annual SNVC, which has helped to jump-start more than 100 startups that have gone on to raise more than $35 million. Past winners include solar-powered light company LuminAID, online voter guide BallotReady, autism therapy startup AIM Clinics, and B2B e-commerce platform for Africa's informal retailers, Sokowatch

2021 SNVC Teams Include:

Afrika Startup Lab is an organization whose mission is to empower entrepreneurs solving Africa's biggest challenges by bridging the information, resource, and finance gap through free mentorship to entrepreneurs and serving as a center for entrepreneurial and venture enablement across Africa. (Booth)

Axo Foods is a marketplace that empowers regenerative farmers by connecting them to climate-conscious brands and buyers. (Booth)

BellPost is a government technology SaaS platform that helps congressional staff and legislators cut through political noise to make quicker and more informed decisions on behalf of their constituents. (Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)

Block Party Capital is an online crowdfunding portal that strives to connect small businesses to individual investors and investment groups. (Booth; Harris)

Chicago Textile Cooperative is an advanced textile manufacturing cooperative that is locally owned, controlled, and dedicated to building a sustainable, 21st century economy for the South Side of Chicago. (Booth; Harris)

LadderUp Housing works to provide workforce housing in disinvested neighborhoods by removing barriers to homeownership—from providing upfront capital for renovations to building awareness around the home-buying process. (Booth)

MD Newsline is a health technology company building digital solutions that increase cultural competency among healthcare providers, with a focus on helping cancer patients connect with culturally-sensitive oncologists via the MDOnc mobile app. (Booth)

Mighty Homes provides tiny homes, job training, and employment to individuals who are currently or formerly incarcerated Illinois residents. (Harris)

MNG HUB is a virtual community center that offers resources to first-generation immigrants and minority students and professionals who are seeking opportunities for networking, goal tracking, mentorships, and more. (Booth)

Nelu Consulting Solutions LLC partners with organizations to build equity and inclusion into employee benefits programs, improving outcomes for employees and their family members. (Booth)

SAEF Legal Aid is a justice technology nonprofit that has developed tools and services to provide free and affordable legal assistance to low-income families. (Booth; The College)

Social Profit is a SaaS platform that empowers nonprofits and private companies to collaborate on corporate social responsibility projects by amplifying the work of nonprofits, streamlining impact measurement, and facilitating cost-effective project execution. (Booth) 

Southside Market is a mini fresh market and canteen with a mission to bring healthy food options and business ownership opportunities to marginalized communities on the South Side of Chicago. (Booth; Harris; Crown Family School)

SpotCheck Sensing leverages an ecosystem of sensors to monitor hospital rooms and indicate when and where to clean, leading to fewer infections and superbugs, reduced liability, and a more efficient hospital staff. (Booth)

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