Tiago Gomes, a second-year student in Booth’s Full-Time MBA Program, received the first-ever Rustandy Center Impact Investing Award, which provides $6,000 to support one MBA student’s summer internship in impact investing. The funding is part of the Karen Miller Padgett, ’93, Impact Investing Experiential Learning Program at Chicago Booth’s Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation, established in 2018 and in partnership with Career Services. Tiago recently sat down with the Rustandy Center to talk about his internship experience and the programs he’s leveraging at Booth to pursue a career in impact investing.

You were involved in social impact at Booth from day one. What initially brought you to Booth?

TG: I have had a bias toward Booth for many years, since two of my most inspiring former bosses are Booth alumni. I started contemplating an MBA degree when I decided to shift my career from mainstream finance to impact investing. Given that this is a budding industry, I thought I would benefit from a rigorous academic program with a multidisciplinary approach (i.e., data analysis could assist me in exploring impact measurement methodologies, economic models could help me understand income inequality from a fresh perspective, etc.).

I started researching the Rustandy Center as I initiated my admission application process. I also spoke with alumni who had been involved with the center. As a result of my interest in impact investing, I have been involved with Rustandy from the beginning, attending various open houses, workshops, and office hours. I work part time on a private equity impact investing fund at Impact Engine, which is based in Chicago and has several connections to the Rustandy Center, including the fact that Impact Engine’s managing partner Priya Parrish, ’09, is also the Rustandy Center’s impact investor in residence.