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Position Overview

Are you excited by developing creative web applications that both visualize data and allow people to explore data in unusual ways? 

Do you have an interest in social issues like discrimination, inequality, or fake news? 

Do you have experience in web development? 

We are a team of empirical social scientists looking to add a full-time front-end developer. In our work we are trying to: 

  • Produce new research that speaks to pressing issues and communicates it in compelling ways. Check out an example here
  • Push the frontier of visualization. In particular we seek to build interactive media that present what has been called “explorable explanations” as described here
  • Create a data platform that allows citizens to meaningfully explore rich data about their city without struggling through the inscrutable mechanics of most data analysis packages. 

The specific skills we are looking for are: 

  • Thoughtful and creative design of data visualizations.
  • Software engineering and software design experience, ideally in HTML/Javascript/CSS and other web development platforms and libraries.
  • Experience with data visualization libraries (e.g., D3.js).
  • An aesthetic sensibility and desire to create novel visualizations from scratch. 

You'd be responsible for creating prototypes of interactive data visualizations on the web. You’d also work closely with the team on helping conceptualize the data analysis itself - we believe the user interaction should guide the empirical work, as well as be guided by it. 


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