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The Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence is inviting applications from research-oriented individuals interested in addressing a range of socially-rooted problems. We apply an ever-growing suite of machine learning methods to find innovative solutions to a range of real world problems: we have worked to quantify and reduce discrimination against Black patients in healthcare algorithms, explain drivers of bias in the US judicial system, and to assist cardiologists in identifying patients at critical risk of death using multi-modal medical data. Our present toolkit includes CNNs for prediction, transformers for feature encoding, GANs for generation and multi-level Bayesian models for latent trait estimation. We use these cutting-edge technologies to advance empirically robust social-scientific inquiries and contribute to foundational elements in socio-economic research that is grounded in the human world around us. If this sounds exciting, we want to hear from you!.

Opportunities we offer

Research professionals contribute to our work at every level, developing their research capabilities with leading names in relevant fields. Our research professionals have the chance to:

  • Work with faculty like Sendhil Mullainathan (CAAI Faculty Co-Director), Sanjog Misra (CAAI Faculty Co-Director), Jens Ludwig (UChicago Crime Lab), Ziad Obermeyer (Berkeley School of Public Health), Ashesh Rambachan (MIT Economics), and others.
  • Engage directly in the research process and critical thinking required of academic researchers. Some examples of our research can be found in Science and the QJE.
  • Receive academic advice in preparation for a PhD. Past pre-doctoral fellows from Booth have been accepted to a range of prestigious PhD programs.
  • Implement complete project pipelines covering data processing, machine learning, and statistical inference.

People we hire

We are looking for applicants who:

  • Will have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field by mid 2024.

  • Are considering pursuing a PhD, enough to invest in or explore that interest, whether in economics, social science, data science, computer science, or some other related field. (If this doesn’t apply to you, but the other points do, get in contact! We have other positions available.)

  • Can write Python or R code for statistical analysis or machine learning.

  • Are analytically minded, detail-oriented, and a great communicator.

Apply now

To apply, please respond to this job posting and complete this application form by October 20 for priority review. Applicants will be asked to complete a small initial assessment task and potentially a short screening call. A subset of applicants will then be asked to complete a larger assessment task. Finally, we will conduct two to three interviews before making final offers in December.

Learn more

If you have specific questions or are just interested in learning more, you are welcome to reach out to us directly with questions. Alternatively, you can check out to learn more about predoctoral fellowships generally and find resources. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


Below, we’ve included some of the other questions that we get asked often. If your question is missing, feel free to email us directly!

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