Program Description:

From August 15–20, 2022, CAAI will host the Machine Learning in Economics Summer Institute (MLESI). Our organizers this year are Jens Ludwig (Chicago), Sendhil Mullainathan (Chicago), Jann Spiess (Stanford), and Ashesh Rambachan (Harvard). Modeled after similar programs in behavioral economics, the Institute will bring together leading researchers with advanced graduate students and junior faculty every year to build community and push forward cutting-edge research ideas. Past visiting faculty included Susan Athey, Guido Imbens, Victor Chernozhukov, as well as other faculty members bridging computer science, statistics, and economics.

Goal of the program:

1. to introduce researchers to the new methods and data used in machine learning (e.g., supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, machine vision, text analysis), and how they relate to longstanding questions around causal inference, experimental design, fairness and bias, and econometric theory; and

2. to build intuitions for how these methods can open up new questions for economists in fields like macroeconomics, behavioral science, health, development, public, labor, or applied microeconomics generally.

Participating Faculty*:

*Additional names to be added


MLESI22 will be held in-person on the University of Chicago campus at the Rubenstein Forum. The program will include lectures, panel discussions, tutorials, office hours, and social activities.


Participation in the full program will be by application, and limited to around 30 Ph.D. students (who will have completed one year of their program by summer 2022) and junior faculty (who have completed their Ph.D. program after 2019). Candidates in economics and related disciplines (e.g., computer science, statistics, etc.) who have a strong interest and advanced training in formal economics are eligible.


Application Requirements:
- CV
- unofficial transcript 
- research/interest statement
- one letter of recommendation 

Note: Junior faculty applicants are not required to submit transcripts or recommendation letters.

Application deadline has been extended to May 25, 2022.



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Jens Ludwig

Edwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor, Harris School of Public Policy

Jens Ludwig


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