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Current Major Initiatives

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Algorithmic Bias Initiative

Our work has shown how algorithms that are carefully developed and deployed can significant reduce racial disparity in health care. Now we are working with organizations across the country to identify and mitigate bias in their healthcare systems.

Algorithmic Bias Initiative
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Nightingale Open Science

We are building a secure, open data hub that will bring together health systems and research communities from across the world, enabling researchers to identify breakthroughs in diagnostics and clinical decision-making. Our mission is to revolutionize the field of computational medicine by connecting world class researchers to forward thinking medical systems.

Nightingale Open Science

Former Projects

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COVID-19 Research

We are creating a tool to help doctors make important triage decisions for COVID-19 patients. Using chest x-rays, we are working to predict the likelihood that a patient may suffer from pulmonary collapse within the next few days, helping physicians better distribute care and save lives.

COVID-19 Research
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Pause Regulations

We crowdsourced recommendations for regulatory pauses from frontline physicians and workers who are most affected by unnecessary bureaucracy. After an in-depth analysis, we identified the most feasible regulations to pause and are pursuing meaningful changes.

Pause Regulations
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Precision Epidemiology

Partnering with the Harris School, we are assembling a detailed dataset that will allow researchers, governors, mayors, and even the federal government to create highly targeted interventions.

Precision Epidemiology

Data Sources

We are happy to provide access for Booth researchers and affiliated faculty to datasets for relevant research projects. Please email the Center if you're interested in learning more about any of the datasets listed below.


SetuServ can provide access to datasets of customer/fan reviews, social media commentary, survey responses, call center data and other forms of customer/fan feedback in a variety of domains.

IBM MarketScan® 

CAAI partners with the Center for Health and the Social Sciences to offer Booth researchers access to a variety of Marketscan health datasets. You can find more info on their website.


ShareThis has access to consumer behavior data from its 3.5m websites across the US and the world.


Nightingale is preparing to launch its data research platform, offering access to health datasets from systems in the US and abroad, focusing primarily on image data, including x-rays, ECGs, etc.

If you are interested in a dataset you do not see listed, please reach out. We are happy to work with PhD students, post-docs, and Booth faculty to help them acquire interesting and relevant datasets for their research.

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