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Algorithmic Bias in Healthcare Initiative

Recently, our researchers published an article in Science that showed significant racial bias in a widely deployed health-care algorithm that selects patients for a managed care plan. Were that bias to be eliminated, the number of African American patients selected would nearly double. Working with the developer of the algorithm, we found solutions to dramatically reduce the bias and improve the care of many patients.

Partnership Opportunity
CAAI is happy to offer resources to health systems, agencies, and other nonprofits to analyze and assess their algorithms for racial bias. If you would be interested in working with us to find ways to reduce any bias in your systems, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
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We are building a secure, open data hub that will bring together health systems and research communities from across the world, enabling researchers to identify breakthroughs in diagnostics and clinical decision-making.

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COVID-19 Research

We are creating a tool to help doctors make important triage decisions for COVID-19 patients. Using chest x-rays, we are working to predict the likelihood that a patient may suffer from pulmonary collapse within the next few days, helping physicians better distribute care and save lives.

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Pause Regulations

We crowdsourced recommendations for regulatory pauses from frontline physicians and workers who are most affected by unnecessary bureaucracy. After an in-depth analysis, we identified the most feasible regulations to pause and are pursuing meaningful changes.

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Precision Epidemiology

Partnering with the Harris School, we are assembling a detailed dataset that will allow researchers, governors, mayors, and even the federal government to create highly targeted interventions.

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Computational Medicine Legal Accelerator

We are supporting the development of shared legal infrastructure to accelerate machine learning research aimed at improving clinical care, while maintaining the critical legal review process involved in sharing health data between institutions.

The Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence

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