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From August 16–21, 2021, CAAI will host the first Summer Institute in Machine Learning in Economics (MLE). It is organized by Jens Ludwig (Chicago), Sendhil Mullainathan (Chicago), Ziad Obermeyer (Berkeley), and Jann Spiess (Stanford). Modeled after similar programs in behavioral economics, the Institute will bring together leading researchers with advanced graduate students and junior faculty every year; this year, due to Covid-19, the Institute will be held virtually, as a mix of public lectures and small-group sessions. 

Goal of the program:

1. to introduce researchers to the new methods and data used in machine learning (e.g., supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, machine vision, text analysis), and how they relate to longstanding questions around causal inference, experimental design, fairness and bias, and econometric theory; and

2. to build intuitions for how these methods can open up new questions for economists in fields like macroeconomics, behavioral science, health, development, public, labor, or applied microeconomics generally.


In addition to public lectures and panel discussions with faculty members, which will be open to the public this year, we will bring participants and faculty together in (virtual) social events and mentoring sessions in smaller groups.

Participating Faculty:

Applications are currently closed. Full program to come.


Joe Bergera Placeholder

Joe Bergera, AM'92, MBA'92

Joe Bergera is president and CEO of Iteris, having joined the company in September 2015. With over 20 years of leadership experience in several technology companies, Joe is an industry veteran with particular expertise in the use of technology to solve complex problems in global vertical markets. At Iteris, Joe is an advocate for the use of smart mobility infrastructure management solutions to achieve safe, efficient and sustainable mobility. Previously, Joe served as group vice president, software of Roper Technologies, Inc., and president of iTradeNetwork, a Roper subsidiary. Prior to Roper, Joe held positions as executive vice president at CCH Wolters Kluwer and at Sage Software.

Joe Bergera, AM'92, MBA'92
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Jens Ludwig

Edwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor, Harris School of Public Policy

Jens Ludwig

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