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2022–23 Fama-Miller Center Fast Facts

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Explore this year's funded projects

A Demand System Approach for Fixed Income
Monica Barbosa

Regulator Beliefs
Manav Chaudhary

Surprise Political Disclosures and Firm Investment
Rahul Chauhan

The Effect of Litigation Finance on Credit Outcomes
Ching-Tse Chen

Investor Expectations Influenced by Firm Beliefs
Yifei Chen and Laura Gu

The Effect of Alternative Data on Real Earnings Management
Jonas Dalmazzo

Stakes Discrimination and Costly Information Acquisition
Jewel Evans

Climate Capitalists
Niels Gormsen

Unlocking Innovation
Bianca He

Optimal Narratives for Predicting Stock Returns
Alex Kim

Political Pressure and Central Banking
Jingoo Kwon

The Demand of US Treasuries
Federico Mainairdi

The Impact of Fiscal Policy on Financial Intermediaries and Asset Prices
Federico Mainairdi

The Dark Side of AI
Edoardo Marchesi

Monetary Policy, Real Estate Financing, and Housing Supply
Eric Milstein

Procurement Auctions, Firm Dynamics, and Infrastructure Costs
Lauren Mostrom

Financial Statement Analysis with Large Language Models 
Maximillian Muhn, Valeri Nikolaev, and Alex Kim

Environmental and Financial Footprints of Corporations
Maximillan Muhn and Thomas Rauter

Evidence Letters to Shareholders
Raghuram Rajan and Luigi Zingales

What Purpose do Corporations Purport?
Raghuram Rajan and Luigi Zingales

Private Equity "Stealth" Roll-ups in Anesthesiology 
Paulo Ramos and Thomas Wollmann

A High-frequency Analysis of the Impact of Retail Trading on Options Markets
Francisco Ruela

Effects of the Federal Reserve's Repo Market Interventions on Liquidity and Testing the Portfolio Rebalancing Channel of Quantitative Easing
Julia Selgrad

The Rise of Direct Lending: Important Questions that Require New Data Sets to Answer
Amir Sufi and Young Soo Jang

Political Polarization, Expectations Formation and Central Bank Communication
Michael Weber

Firms Characteristics-based Event Study
Dacheng Xiu

SMEs in Punjab
Emma Zhang

Fiscal Policy and Durable Goods Consumption
Eric Zwick