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Upcoming Finance Conferences

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Household Finance Conference

November 8, 2024
This one-day conference covers a broad range of topics in household finance, including household debt, housing, savings and investments, and spending.

Household Finance Conference

Recent Conferences and Topics

Recent conferences have focused on everything from household finance and asset pricing to the role of microdata in macroeconomics. Here’s a sampling:

  • Bridging Theory and Empirical Research in Finance
  • Chicago Booth Treasury Markets Conference
  • Chicago Conference on Data and Welfare in Household Finance 
  • Conference on the Financial Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Doug Diamond Conference
  • European Midwest Micro/Macro Conference
  • Finance, Organizations, and Markets (FOM)
  • Household and Corporate Lending Conference
  • Labor and Finance Group Conference
  • Memory, Beliefs, and Choice Symposium
  • New Methods for the Cross Section of Returns

To learn more about our conferences, contact Jennifer Williams, senior associate director of operations.