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  • Barbara Vance, Career Services:

    Barbara Vance been with Booth for over 20+ years and was been described by her nominators as “service with a smile and one who embraces and shows respect in all aspects of their work and interactions that may occur with her.” 

    She approaches her job with “a level of consistent commitment that I have rarely seen in any organization where I have worked and we are proud to be part of a team that has an individual such as this at its core.””

  • Christina Tzovaras, Executive MBA Europe:

    Nominated by several of their colleagues, Christina was described as “epitomizing the core values of trust and integrity” and one who “regularly goes above and beyond.”  She was said to be “a courageous individual who is always willing to take risks to learn new things”

    Many students who have had contact with Christina have mentioned that their interactions have added to one of the many reasons they decided to join our Booth Exec MBA program.

  • Angel Yeung, Executive MBA Europe:

    Angel has been an integral part of our Asia team and has truly embodied the values of excellence and respect.  Her colleagues have described her as a team player who is always willing to assist a coworker whether it be with a work related task, or as far as bringing soup to their homes when they are out sick.

  • Dana Russo, Accounting and Finance:

    Dana truly touches every department across Booth.  Having been nominated by several of her colleagues, she has done an amazing job in ensuring that every customer of hers receives one-on-one individual attention.  Her ability to consistently be solutions driven and detail oriented has been an asset to her clients and team members.  Above all, her patience, guidance, and willingness to assist with any detail has allowed many departments to not only operate but flourish.


  • Booth Reconnect Team

    Congratulations to the 2017 Booth Reconnect Team who productively organized this cross functional team to put on what has been one of our most successful Alumni events.

    Two key performance indicators that truly illustrate the team’s impact this year are:

    • A record 2,261 alums and guests that attended this year’s event
    • $11.6 million in donations, which is a 21% increase over the prior year

    This year’s team was comprised of 19 staff member over three departments:

    From Alumni Relations

    • Lisa Bada
    • Sarah Bivens
    • Rachel Carroll
    • Beth Kondrat
    • Kelly O’Connor
    • Jane Rodriguez
    • Tori Scheid
    • Tim State
    • Katie Young

    From our Advancement Team

    • Meggie Cramer
    • Nikki Gibson
    • Adam Niermann

    And from our Marketing Team

    • Deepti Bommisetty
    • Sam Jemielity
    • Peter Kim
    • Kara Lee
    • Eric Meyer
    • Mari Sautter
    • Paul Heintz