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Rules for Nominating - All nominations must fit these parameters:

  1. Staff Awards nominations are open to all full-time and part-time staff who are employed at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
  2. Booth Management Group, temporary employees, and contractors are not eligible to be nominated.
  3. Any staff member may nominate a colleague, direct report, or those who manage people. Staff are encouraged to think about colleagues outside of their own team when proposing nominees.
  4. Nominations must illustrate in writing how the individual or team has created an impact and has contributed to a work environment of trust and empowerment through Respect, Excellence, and Integrity. Excellent nominations also include staff and teams that fit into the following categories:
    • Created Booth-wide Impact – Individual or team that has undoubtedly created a lasting impact on the school through their achievements.
    • Unsung Heroes – Individual or team that has created a significant impact, but whose work is perhaps often unseen across the school.
    • Initiative Leaders – Individual or team who has created and implemented an initiative that has impacted and furthered the school's mission.
    • Morale Leaders – Individual or team that continues to lead and build upon the morale of a team and/or the school.
  5. Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  6. An individual may not receive the award two consecutive years in a row, but may be nominated each year.
  7. Nominees must have at least one complete year of service. If, however, a nominee is a member of a team and they have less than one year of service, the team will still be eligible.
  8. Nominees must be in good standing (e.g., not on a PIP and no performance or disciplinary concerns).
  9. We encourage staff to nominate not only individuals but also teams as well. Teams may include members of a department or project teams. The team is defined by the nominator. Nominator must be able to explain why they consider this a team versus a work group or colleagues who work together sharing the same interest, but not necessarily the same department/project goal.
  10. The nomination period will open in early April and close May 18, 2023.

Guidelines to assist with your nomination(s)

As you prepare your narrative in support of the staff member or team that you will nominate, we hope you will find the examples in this document useful. Your narrative must highlight examples of respect, integrity, or excellence that have had a positive impact on Chicago Booth.

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