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  • Rebecca Meyer, Executive Education:

    “One of Rebecca’s great skills that even the most successful people cannot be taught is the mutual respect that she shows others. She is thoughtful and kind but also someone that can be trusted to actively participate in a project and produce quality work.”

    “Rebecca constantly volunteers for projects and special activities that enhance our customer experience. She always keeps in mind how changes would impact our vendors, our team and how it would impact the customer experience."

  • Emily Lambert, Intellectual Capital:

    “Emily works right at the heart of the school’s mission of creating enduring knowledge, and influencing current and future leaders. She has an impact by taking this enduring knowledge, making it intelligible to a broad audience and using it to shape the thinking of current and future decision-makers.”

    "Emily was nominated because she oversaw the successful redesign and launch of Capital Ideas, managing every detail from the graphics to event listings to article content, while delegating to others so they can increase their experience and capabilities."

  • Sheldon Gray, Marketing:

    “Throughout long hours and multiple competing priorities, Sheldon never lost his ability to stay calm, focused, and responsive – as well as upbeat and positive.”

    “Sheldon has an ability to lead his team to accomplish above and beyond work. He emphasizes quality, teaches us as we go and make sure we stay on target. Sheldon is what all of us aspire to be.”


  • Booth Book Team:

    Christine Gramhofer – Full-Time MBA Program Office
    Sandra Kubat – Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program Office
    Darlene McKnight – Information Technology
    Tim Sanker – Information Technology

    The Booth Book Team oversaw the development of the new course planning tool. Over the last several years, Chicago Booth has had a desire to develop a course planning tool to help MBA students plan out courses over several quarter. More than two years after the project kicked off, students across the three programs have responded overall with very positive feedback and high praise for Booth Book. No other Business School offers this advantage to their students.

  • Singapore Transition Team:

    Intan Chen
    Linda Eunson
    Jovain Lee
    Su Chen Lim
    Leha Muhayat
    Crystal Nguyen
    Janet Quek
    Ria Sugita
    Dana Toh
    Chee Wei Wong

    The Singapore Transition Team worked on the transition of the Asia Executive MBA Program from Singapore to Hong Kong. The entire Singapore team was recommended for the outstanding team award. Its members truly represented a high-performing team as they helped their Hong Kong counterparts learn their roles, transferred activities, seamlessly moved locations between Singapore and Hong Kong, recruited the first Hong Kong classes while maintaining the existing Singapore classes, and graduating the last Singapore class.