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Stephen Lamb, Faculty and Academic Services

Stephen was described as “dependable to follow through with any request and in a quick turnaround time … organized, thorough, and leaves no detail left behind.” He is a “wealth of information and expertise and does not hesitate to share either.”

Since employed with Booth he has consistently personified the Booth values. From the start of his career here assisting faculty on a variety of functions, to creating and growing into a team of 2 who organize the employment life cycle of a large majority of our Research Professionals across Booth.

Stephen Lamb, Faculty and Academic Services
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Cortney Robinson, Rustandy Center

Cortney has consistently demonstrated Chicago Booth values through both her work performance as well as through relationships with colleagues. Her insight and ability to assess situations and opportunities from multiple angles enables her to be thoughtful in how she approach achieving her objectives. Each relationship that she cultivates is approached with integrity, deep respect for where people are coming from, and empathy.

She was tasked with temporarily moving to our Hong Kong campus and has done an amazing job in building the Rustandy presence in Asia.

Cortney Robinson, Rustandy Center
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Char Bennington, Human Resources

Char has focused her career toward building and empowering those around her and has created a tremendous impact on the school’s staff and students. She was described as someone who “leads from a place of authenticity, support and compassion and we are better as an organization because of her.”

Thank you Char for your 18+ years of dedication toward Booth and we are grateful for the impact you have made.

Char Bennington, Human Resources
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Niena Kidd, Dean’s Office

Niena has served the faculty and staff with a level of excellence that has consistently increased year over year. The level of commitment and organization that she has been able to maintain has definitely not gone unnoticed by the several faculty members who nominated her.

Her overall dedication has truly led to an impact amongst our faculty and has played an integral role in our new faculty recruitment.

Niena Kidd, Dean’s Office


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GDPR Committee

Within the last year, a major regulation was implemented under the European Union law. GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, was put in place to regulate the responsibility, accountability, and transparency around how organizations handle individuals’ personal data.

For approximately 5 months, a cross-functional committee composed of staff members from 14 different departments – including Hong Kong and London – worked as a whole, in subgroups, and individually. They documented data processes, updated privacy policies, updated contracts and sent communications to ensure that Booth was quickly prepared for overall compliance to this regulation.

GDPR Committee

Please join me in congratulating the following staff members from from the GDPR Committee:

  • Rich Cortez – Accounting and Budget
  • Steve Krause – Accounting and Budget
  • Nico Ricchiuto – Executive MBA North America
  • Melissa Patterson – Executive MBA North America
  • Alyson Schumacher – Strategic Initiatives
  • Paul Steven – Career Services
  • Niena Kidd – Dean’s Office
  • Angela Tong – Executive Education
  • Intan Chen - Executive MBA Europe
  • Katie Rowberry – Executive MBA Europe
  • Tony Rivera – Human Resources
  • Phil Elliott – Information Technology
  • Sheldon Gray – Marketing and Communications
  • Malaina Brown – PhD Program
  • Jessica Jaggers – Student Life
  • Lindsey Ute – Advancement
  • Maggie Quijada – Executive Education
  • Janet Quek – Executive MBA Asia
  • Amy Wright – Faculty and Academic Service


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Undergraduate Business Economics Program Team

This team planned and supervised the roll-out of the new undergraduate business economics program which is a major new educational offering that needed to be built from scratch. Moreover, the plan and build had to be done over the course of only a few months.

The program went from zero to hundreds of student class-seats in a couple of quarters. Many bumps in the road came up, but the team deftly navigated around them. Furthermore, by all indications the program is on track to continue to grow quickly, thanks to the foundation that this team has built. It seems clear to me that the Business Economics program will have a large influence for years, and perhaps decades, to come.

Undergraduate Business Economics Program Team

Please join me in congratulating the following staff members from the Undergraduate Business Economic Program Team:

  • Sarah Arehart – Faculty and Academic Services
  • Beth Daily – Faculty and Academic Services
  • Leigh Hartley – Faculty and Academic Services
  • Nahida Teliani – Full Time Admissions
  • Amy Wright – Faculty and Academic Services
  • Hannah Price – Faculty and Academic Services
  • Melissa Johnson – Faculty and Academic Services
  • Tammy Lingo – Faculty and Academic Services
  • Allison Kallo – Faculty and Academic Services
  • Arab Nour – Information Technology
  • Kim Ardolino – Information Technology
  • Tom Schrader – Information Technology
  • Phil Elliott – Information Technology
  • Meridith Slager – Information Technology
  • Chris Trojniar – Information Technology
  • Brian Wilson – Information Technology
  • Matt Vogel – Information Technology
  • Hasan Rahman – Information Technology