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  • Craig Schultz, Information Technology:

    “Craig has demonstrated a commitment to excellence across multiple departments through his audio-visual recording, editing and production expertise.”

    “Craig’s encouragement that pre-matriculation videos could be produced is what largely made the videos possible… the availability of these videos has greatly enhanced the orientation experience of the new full-time MBA student.” “His work with the LAUNCH team every quarter to tape our student orientation has produced a powerful “wow” factor at the end of orientation.”

    “From assisting professors wit remote teaching to setting up the Winter Garden for the Nobel Prize Announcement press conference, he does a great job without asking for recognition.”

  • Mairead Saleh, Advancement:

    “Mairead is extremely service-oriented and has high integrity in her work; she will never cut corners or compromise the quality of her work just to get it done." “(She) sets the gold standard for managing Booth data seeking insight as to how the data will be used so that she can most effectively handle requests and prioritize projects.”

    "Mairead spent a tremendous amount of time on a subcommittee of another team while leading the Biodata team. She did this on top of managing a team of five, juggling the constant stream of data and report requests from a number of different departments and managing her class schedule as a part-time student at Booth – she goes above and beyond."

  • Anita Brick, Career Services:

    “Anita has conducted well in excess of 10,000 coaching appointments, with genuine enthusiasm and respect for each individual and our community.” “Her longer term engagement with the student and alumni community is demonstrated by her consistently sourcing 50-75 alumni volunteers per year to help with Career Services events.”

    “Anita pushes the bar higher by consistently providing content to the community through programs like CareerCast.”

    “Anita routinely builds trust with our students and alumni by providing incredibly candid, constructive feedback when needed.”


  • Booth Women Connect Conference:

    Elizabeth Westhouse, Alumni Relations
    Holly Shearer, Evening/Weekend Program
    Rachel Nash, Alumni Relations
    Katie Coogan, Evening/Weekend Admissions
    Joanne Legler, Full-Time Admissions
    Patricia Coffey, Executive Program
    Beth Daily, Evening/Weekend Program
    Amy Hung, Full-Time Admissions
    Erika Ljungdahl, Executive Program
    Ana Amado, Marketing

    The Booth Women Connect is a one day conference held in October 2013 – the third year this annual conference was held. The objective of the conference is to increase awareness and increase consideration of the Chicago Booth MBA programs by highlighting the women, both students and alumnae, within the Booth Community.

    “Booth Women Connect, through this conference, showed that Booth, as an institution, respects women and wants to support their intellectual and leadership growth” “This committee did such an outstanding job of bringing our community together and providing relevant content to them.” “The environment that was created by this group was a safe space for women to discuss meaningful topics that are relevant to them.” “The Conference had an immediate impact on the Booth Community, actively including students, alumnae and the general public for the time…registrants increased from 221 in 2012 to 298 in 2013.”

  • Data Warehouse Core Team:

    Amy Wright, Faculty Services
    Donna Swinford, Admissions
    Mairead Saleh, Advancement
    Paul Steven, Career Services
    Cecilia Hui, Information Technology
    Matt Bernhardt, Information Technology
    Phil Elliott, Information Technology

    The Data Warehouse Team was formed in 2013 to design and develop a reporting solution that combines data from several of Booth’s key areas into one environment. A key goal of the project is to be able to report on information about the total life cycle of students, from prospect to alumni, with confidence that the results are accurate and without having to make a request to produce the report.

    “The team has worked extremely well together demonstrating cooperation, respect for other team members and flexibility. For example, when it became apparent that a key date was in jeopardy of being met, several team members pitched in to assist in areas of the project that were not their responsibility.”

    “Each team member devoted a significant amount of time to the project while continuing to perform their normal duties… their expertise and devotion was key to the success of this high-priority project.”