How It Works

In typical BANC projects, teams of five to six alumni nonprofit business consultants work closely with nonprofit executive directors, boards, and other stakeholders to meet specific objectives over a six-month period. BANC consultant teams have completed 28 projects to date, delivering significant value to their nonprofit clients.

“The caliber of support and generosity of spirit toward a nonprofit, nonpaying client was unexpected and surprisingly uplifting for all those that worked with two BANC teams. The data analyzes conducted, the presentation decks, and the interactions with board members and staff were top tier.”

Emilia DiMenco, President and CEO, Women’s Business Development Center

What BANC Can Do for Your Nonprofit

BANC provides consulting services for nonprofits in the following areas:

  • Community engagement strategy. BANC teams can assess current levels of engagement, identify new and emerging trends in the community, and help develop services and marketing programs to increase awareness and outreach.
  • Financial analysis. BANC teams can evaluate current financial situations, develop budgets and projection models for existing and new service offerings, assess current risks to financial operations, and provide benchmarks and recommendations for long-term sustainability.
  • Growth and strategic planning. BANC growth and strategic planning projects evaluate alignment with mission, vision, values; assess market, client impact, and programs; and develop strategic objectives.
  • Marketing strategy. BANC teams can help maximize marketing investment through data-driven market research and competitive intelligence to prioritize target markets/segments, develop differentiated positioning, and align opportunities with recommended marketing initiatives.
  • Operations evaluation and process development. BANC teams can help evaluate and adjust existing operational structure and processes to ensure that they support the mission, vision, and capabilities.
  • Performance measurement, KPIs, and dashboard design. BANC teams can help identify the most meaningful and relevant high-level metrics/KPIs to support data-driven decisions and demonstrate progress and impact to the board, funders, and other stakeholders.
  • Program evaluation and alignment. BANC consultants can review existing programs and provide actionable recommendations for improvements.
  • Social enterprise. BANC consultants can help develop new revenue opportunities that supplement existing funding sources.

BANC does not provide development/fundraising strategies or advertising materials and does not implement recommended strategies.

See our Impact and Past Projects page for examples of past clients and engagements.

Nonprofit Eligibility

To be considered, nonprofits must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a 501(c)(3) or operate in the public sector
  • Be in the Chicago area
  • Have an annual operating budget of at least $500,000
  • Have a full-time, paid, executive director who has been in place for at least one year
  • Have additional paid staff members
  • Must not be undergoing a transition in board leadership
  • Have resources to implement change
  • Have a board that approves the goal and scope of the project

Clients are chosen on the basis  of both the merit of the project and the ability of the engagement to attract volunteers.

Get Involved

Our next round of projects starts in April 2022. Nonprofit applications will be available in November 2021 and due in mid-January 2022. Let us know you’re interested by submitting an interest form.

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