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Before joining Booth, Nich worked as the lab manager for the BIAS Lab, led Professor April Bailey at the University of New Hampshire. Prior to that, he served as the research coordinator for the Center for the Science of Moral Understanding, led by Professor Kurt Gray at the University of North Carolina.

Research Interests

Nich is broadly interested in socio-ecological psychology, especially as it relates to how natural and social hazards (e.g., natural disasters; war or economic precarity) influence culture and cognition.

Selected Publications

Gray, K., DiMaggio, N., Schein, C., & Kachanoff, F. (2023). The problem of purity in moral psychology. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 27(3), 272-308.

Jackson, J. C., Dillion, D., Bastian, B., Watts, J., Buckner, W., DiMaggio, N., & Gray, K. (2023). Supernatural explanations across 114 societies are more common for natural than social phenomena. Nature human behaviour, 7(5), 707-717.