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Krin Irvine is a PhD student in Behavioral Science. They joined Booth after obtaining a law degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Before that they spent ten years working for IBM after receiving a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Acadia University, a small Canadian undergraduate college. Their background also includes being a performer and instructor of improvisational theater, and designing analog tabletop games.

Research Interests

Krin is interested in research overlapping their areas of expertise, including experimental psychology and law, business, and technology. They have published papers about executive power, financial decision making, and methods used in law and psychology. They have also researched criminal justice practices, creativity and copyright, and how decision makers combine and interpret multiple pieces of evidence.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Law and Psychology Grows Up, Goes Online, and Replicates, 15 J. EMP. LEG. STUD. 1 (2018) (with Dave Hoffman & Tess Wilkinson-Ryan).

The Knowledge Gap in Workplace Retirement Investing and the Role of Professional Advisors, 66 DUKE L. J. 633 (2016) (as Kristin Firth, with Jill Fisch & Tess Wilkinson-Ryan).

Separation of Powers Legitimacy: An Empirical Inquiry into Norms About Executive Power, 164 U. PA. L. REV. 1869 (2016) (as Kristin Firth, with Cary Coglianese).