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Minkwang is a PhD student in Marketing, specializing in Consumer Behavior. Minkwang is interested in how consumers make decisions involving trading off costs and benefits across time. In his dissertation research, he investigates how consumers’ intertemporal choices are influenced by the heuristics and cues consumers use to manage progress toward their various goals, which result in novel patterns that cannot be explained by conventional frameworks for studying intertemporal choice (i.e., time discounting).

As a secondary research interest, Minkwang studies how people make social inferences in the marketplace. In a solo-authored paper, he investigates how consumers and marketers infer other people’s preferences from the size of others’ consideration sets.

Minkwang is on the 2023-2024 academic job market.

Research Interests

  • Consumer decisions over time
  • Social inferences in the marketplace

Please visit Minkwang’s website ( for more information about Minkwang and his research.

Selected Publications & Manuscripts

Jang, Minkwang and Oleg Urminsky, “Cross-Period Impatience: Subjective Financial Periods Explain Time-Inconsistent Choices,” forthcoming, Journal of Consumer Research.

Jang, Minkwang*, Oleg Urminsky*, and Indranil Goswami, “Impatient to Receive or Impatient to Achieve: How Goal Gradients and Time Discounting Jointly Determine Intertemporal Choice”

Jang, Minkwang, “Who Likes It More? Inferring Others’ Preferences from Consideration Set Size”