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The management of financial assets is important in all businesses. Finance describes how businesses raise the capital they need to start and sustain themselves, decide which projects make financial sense, and manage risks; how people invest in companies; and how financial markets work - how an economy allocates money to where it will have the most value.

In Chicago Booth's legendary finance curriculum, covering both corporate finance and investments, you will learn to evaluate risk and reward through an empirical lens. Our corporate finance offerings will prepare you at the business level: Should a company buy or build? Should they borrow money or issue stock? How should they compensate executives? Should they hedge costs, and if so, how? Investment courses prepare you to make decisions in financial markets: What determines stock and bond prices? How do you evaluate a fund manager? What financial risks carry big rewards, and how should an investor allocate his or her portfolio to take advantage of them? Through our culture of questioning and debate, you'll acquire a healthy skepticism that prompts you to look at each solution and probe for better explanations.

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