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There is no better business school in the world to study finance than Booth. Our finance curriculum is taught by the world’s leading finance scholars—with an unmatched legacy of award-winning research and innovation—including Nobel laureate Eugene F. Fama, considered the father of modern finance.

Booth's finance curriculum takes an empirical approach to the evaluation of risk and reward. Our corporate finance offerings will prepare you at the business level: Should a company buy or build? Should it borrow money or issue stock? How should it compensate executives? Should it hedge costs, and if so, how?

Investment courses prepare you to make decisions in financial markets: What determines stock and bond prices? How do you evaluate a fund manager? What financial risks carry big rewards, and how should an investor allocate his or her portfolio to take advantage of them?

In our collaborative culture of inquiry and debate, you'll learn to look beyond easy answers to find better solutions.

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