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Industrial policy was once so out of fashion that it was jokingly called “the policy that shall not be named.” Now it’s back in a big way. On issues ranging from clean energy to semiconductors to Covid-19, governments are trying to improve the performance of key business sectors. Can they manage to do so without subverting competition and subsidizing special interests? In its latest seriesProMarket has sought to answer these questions and more.

Now, join ProMarket and the Stigler Center for a conversation on these topics:

Chiara Criscuolo, Head of Division for Productivity Innovation and Entrepreneurship Division, Science Technology and Innovation Directorate, OECD

Mary Hui, Reporter, Quartz

Michael C. Munger, Director, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program, Duke University

Walter Frick (moderator), Contributing Editor, ProMarket

Time: 12:00pm - 1:15pm CT Chicago time

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