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Through research support, analysis of data and economic trends, and a wide range of courses, events, initiatives, and resources, the Stigler Center has become an intellectual destination for research on regulatory capture, crony capitalism, and the various forms of subversion of competition by special interest groups.

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Our leadership, staff, and advisory board are dedicated to supporting efforts to understand the obstacles to creating more competitive markets.

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Annual Report

A snapshot of our programs, research, and initiatives that examine issues of antitrust, privacy, global competition, and corruption.

George Stigler

George Stigler’s Legacy

The work of Nobel laureate George J. Stigler was key to establishing Chicago Booth as a world leader in academic research.

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Work with the Stigler Center

Learn about employment opportunities for students and professionals who are interested in the connections between politics and the economy.

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Stigler Fellows

Stigler fellows are scholars who have contributed to the Stigler Center’s mission of illuminating the connections between politics and the economy.

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We encourage students, scholars, policymakers, and those interested in participating in the discourse surrounding politics and the economy to connect with us.

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