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Associate Director, Communications and Marketing

In collaboration with leadership and other relevant team members, the Associate Director will manage and execute communications and marketing related to the Center’s mission of understanding the interaction between politics and the economy. They will help create and curate the Center's voice and contribute to ensuring that the Center and its outlets are viewed as primary sources, disseminators, and conduits of information on core focus topics. The Associate Director is a hands-on detail-oriented self-starter with strong communications expertise and acumen, is intellectually curious, has original takes on strategies/tactics for disseminating content, possesses broad knowledge of current affairs, economics and business topics, and strong writing and editorial sensibilities. From high-level events to behind-the-scenes access to podcast recordings, the Associate Director will enjoy the opportunity to interact with global thought leaders, scholars, experts, and policymakers.



  • Works with leadership and relevant team members to spearhead the development, management, and integration of communications, marketing, and outreach strategy across publication, Capitalisn’t podcast, and other Center initiatives and platforms.
  • Participates in relevant meetings (e.g., Programming, ProMarket, Capitalisn’t); collects/relays/deploys relevant information to help maximize coordination and impact.
  • Develops a successful social media strategy for the Center, ProMarket and Capitalisn’t.
  • Develops and oversees integrated content calendar and execution of communications and marketing efforts across all platforms in conjunction with relevant team members.
  • Develops and oversees strategic digital/social media campaigns and organic/paid social media.
  • Identifies/tracks key metrics to devise data-driven decisions. Develops/presents related reports. 
  • Manages/updates website content for Center, Capitalisn’t, Teaching Aggregator, and others.
  • Writes, reviews, edits, quality controls and sends various email communications/marketing content (newsletters, event promotions, etc.). Coordinates with Booth Communications.
  • Drafts/edits correspondence, invitations, summaries, announcements, event registrations, briefing/meeting notes, talking points, speeches, presentations; assists with writing funding proposals and other internal and external content and documents on a regular basis.
  • Tracks media, press, and other types of mentions and citations. 
  • Develops audience acquisition and enlargement strategies/tools (e.g. mailing lists, databases).
  • Creates and coordinates communication/marketing/social media toolkits (including images, links, prompts) for event/content promotion, with relevant team members. 
  • Coordinates production/distribution of collateral (ebooks, reports, graphics, posters, videos).
  • Manages and assigns freelance work, contractors, student workers/interns as needed.
  • Liaise with other Booth/University departments and partners.
  • Supports Center communications/marketing efforts and special initiatives as needed.
  • Manages Communications Manager.
  • Develops one or more of the following marketing functions: marketing communications and advertising, web blogs or other digital marketing, and market research. Reviews and updates marketing infrastructure which may include one or more database systems, the intranet, and external web sites.
  • Develops marketing communications, advertising, or publicity strategy. Plans and coordinates the development and production of marketing campaigns, ensuring deadlines and budgets are met. Designs, writes, and edits high profile or high visibility marketing materials, which may include press releases, book jacket copy, blogs, or other Web material.
  • Performs other related work as needed.


Research Assistant 

Research assistants’ work varies greatly depending on the project, but may include data entry and library searches, data management and statistical estimations, helping set up online surveys or computer studies, or summarizing information from sources in languages other than English. Projects may be short-term or long-term, and some projects may require special skills, while others may be suitable for those without prior research experience. (Note: you must be a current University of Chicago student for this position.)

The Stigler Center seeks University of Chicago student RA support with varying volume and frequency throughout the year. After an applicant submits an RA application form, they will be added to an active directory of students interested in serving as Stigler Center research assistants. Our team will reach out to suitable candidates for projects as they become available.