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Assistant Director, Programs

The primary responsibilities of the Assistant Director, Programs is to research and develop programs and content for speaker series, seminars, conferences, and other events, across all Center initiatives, the digital publication and Capitalisn’t podcast. The Assistant Director will be a key member of a passionate and nimble team that is responsible for researching and helping develop and implement a variety of programs to raise the Center’s visibility and consistently articulate the Stigler Center’s mission. 

The Assistant Director will research, support, produce, and help promote content and initiatives related to the Stigler Center’s mission of understanding the interaction between politics and the economy – with a specific focus on regulatory capture, crony capitalism, the various forms of subversion of competition by special interest groups, and, more broadly, political economy and the future of capitalism in an ever-changing world. From high-level events to behind-the-scenes access to podcast recordings, the Assistant Director will help develop new and exciting content and initiatives and will enjoy the opportunity to interact with global thought leaders, scholars, experts, and policymakers.


  • Researches and identifies timely/relevant topics, speakers, content, and contributors for Center programs, events, and initiatives (e.g. speaker series, seminars, conferences, minicourses, Capitalisn’t podcast, ProMarket publication, etc.).
  • Assists in developing the content for and promotion of Center programming and initiatives by collaborating closely with the Communications/Marketing team.
  • Drafts announcements, e-mails, talking points, speeches, presentations, and other program communications.
  • Liaise with speakers and other key constituents.
  • Staffs and supports Center programs and events.
  • Assists in identifying funding opportunities and research/develop/draft/edit/review funding proposals.
  • Assists with the selection/activities for the Center’s Journalists in Residence and Affiliate Fellows Programs.
  • Assists with programming-related data collection, presentation of results, and other reporting as needed.
  • Supports the Executive Director/other Center leadership/staff with special initiatives and projects.
  • Helps coordinate with other team members and various departments.
  • Helps manage students/interns as needed.
  • Uses moderate/solid understanding and experience to administer the delivery of services to program participants and/or beneficiaries.
  • Has moderate/high levels of interactions with faculty, researchers and staff for committee work or information.
  • Performs other related work as needed.


Student Webmaster

ProMarket, the publication of the Stigler Center for the Study of the State and the Economy at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, is looking to hire a University of Chicago student webmaster to maintain its website and work on ad hoc projects related to its website and ProMarket’s operations as they arise. The position is for one year and remote and is to start as soon as possible.

Position Requirements:

The webmaster will be responsible for maintaining our website, which is hosted on WordPress. This includes making sure that our theme and plugins are up-to-date, troubleshooting bugs as they arise, and otherwise making sure that our website is operating optimally. Occasionally, we will ask the webmaster to make alterations to the website or pursue opportunities to enhance its features, such as SEO and readability. We may also task the webmaster with data projects related to our Google Analytics. The web designer will work closely with ProMarket’s editors to fulfill these responsibilities. The ideal candidate will possess the following skills:

  • Demonstrated experience with WordPress

  • Proficient knowledge of HTML/CSS

  • Working knowledge of PHP and command-line tools

  • Familiarity with SEO

  • Familiarity with Google Analytics

  • The ability to identify additional needs and offer solutions

  • Highly responsive (communication will primarily occur via Slack)

Nice to have, but not essential:

  • Graphic design expertise, including familiarity with image editing tools such as Photoshop

  • Previous experience working for a media company or publication

  • An interest in the political economy


As previously stated, the contract for webmaster will last one year with opportunity for renewal if both parties are interested in continuing employment. Work will be irregular. The position will pay $40/hour for an estimated 30 hours of total work with a minimum yearly pay of $1,200. If we require more than 30 hours of work, we will pay $40 for each additional hour of work.

To apply for this position, please email your resume to Please identify either in your resume or in the email body previous websites and relevant projects you have worked on.

Research Assistant 

Research assistants’ work varies greatly depending on the project, but may include data entry and library searches, data management and statistical estimations, helping set up online surveys or computer studies, or summarizing information from sources in languages other than English. Projects may be short-term or long-term, and some projects may require special skills, while others may be suitable for those without prior research experience. (Note: you must be a current University of Chicago student for this position.)

The Stigler Center seeks University of Chicago student RA support with varying volume and frequency throughout the year. After an applicant submits an RA application form, they will be added to an active directory of students interested in serving as Stigler Center research assistants. Our team will reach out to suitable candidates for projects as they become available.