PhD students in economics, business, political science, sociology, law, and other related fields may apply so long as their dissertation sheds light on a relevant topic, including, but not limited to:

  • Effects of regulation on competition
  • Impacts of campaign financing on legislation
  • Corruption (institutional, political, and old-fashioned bribes)
  • Crony capitalism
  • Media capture
  • Judicial capture
  • Market design
  • Antitrust

Winners receive up to $2,500 (depending on the award) after the start of the Fall quarter and the rest upon submission of a research progress report at the end of the academic year. Winners are required to attend weekly Stigler lunches in the Fall and Spring Quarters, where they can present their work in progress. Award winners are also required to submit reports throughout the academic year on their research progress.

The awards are open to University of Chicago students only.


Applications for academic year 2021–2022 were due June 20 by 11:59pm CT.

Application requirements:

  • CV
  • Dissertation proposal (limited to 3 pages)
  • 1 letter of recommendation

Winners will be notified by the start of the Fall quarter.