Kilts Marketing Fellowship

Kilts Marketing FellowshipThe Kilts Marketing Fellowship is awarded each year to select incoming Full-Time MBA students who plan to pursue a career in marketing. Past Kilts Marketing Fellows have gone on to leadership roles at companies such as Procter & Gamble, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Starbucks, and American Express.

Kilts Marketing Fellows receive significant tuition support, as well as a mentoring relationship with a Kilts Center Steering Committee member. This mentoring component provides fellowship recipients with an unparalleled opportunity to interact with a senior marketing executive, giving them an edge over their peers when they are ready to enter the job market. Kilts Marketing Fellows also have opportunities to engage with Booth faculty members at special events.

Class of 2021 Kilts Marketing Fellows

 A group of students pose for the camera

Top row from left: Tim Larach (mentored by Mir Aamir, '97), Gianluca Camilli (mentored by Yotam Ariav, '10), Kwaku Frimpong (mentored by Carolyn Braff, '13), Matt Conan (mentored by Ted Buell, '07), Brian Billups (mentored by Chad Young, '11)

Middle row from left: Tess Belton (mentored by Heather Mason, '86), Rutna Gadh (mentored by Manish Kothari, '90), Mandy Schiff (mentored by Kurt Schmidt '90), Lei Lei (mentored by Cherry Chen, '12)

Bottom row from left: Bailey Breems (mentored by Kate Lennox, '13), Danna Fishbein (mentored by Nayana Singh, '09), Angela Choi (mentored by Snigdha Goyal, '13), Joanna Guth (mentored by Mike Cieri, '10), Amber Lowey (mentored by Lynne Smith, '86), Sade Onadiji (mentored by Ryan Bennett, '12), Lauren Tsai (mentored by Eunice Kim, '05).

Class of 2020 Kilts Marketing Fellows

 Kilts Marketing Fellows, 2020

From left: Frederick Clark III (mentored by Ted Wright), Madeline Vuong (mentored by Kim Vo), Miranda Zhao (mentored by Susan Reynolds), Mary Patonai (mentored by David Yates), Anjali Joseph (mentored by Jon Morris), Kiran Palla (mentored by Satyajeet Salgar), Runu Ukwade (mentored by Rohit Triphathi), Kurbi Mehta (mentored by Carl Johnson), Benjamin Wolff (mentored by Kari Alldredge), and Ratna Gogineni (mentored by Anuj Bhasin).

Class of 2019 Kilts Marketing Fellows

 Kilts Fellows 2019

From left: Monisha Shivakumar (mentored by David Neenan); Shota Ido (mentored by JG Chirapurath); Benjamin Drew Ziomek (mentored by Brian Dominguez); Lindie Wang, Henry J. Rak Fellow (mentored by Henry Rak); Anne Delmar (mentored by Danny Sack); Patrick David Yates (mentored by Howard Brandeisky); .


Onward and Upward

Since 2006, we have awarded fellowships to more than 75 students who have gone on to successful careers at some of the world’s most innovative companies, including these three outstanding alumni:

Becoming a Kilts Marketing Fellow

Marketing fellowships are awarded in all three rounds of admissions to the Full-Time MBA Program. All admitted students are considered for a marketing fellowship. However, candidates must plan to choose a concentration in marketing, plan to pursue a marketing or general management career after graduation, and have a demonstrated track record of professional and academic excellence.

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