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A Collaborative
Marketing Community

The Kilts Center is a resource for students, faculty, alumni, and business leaders—people who are passionate about taking a multidisciplinary, data-driven approach to marketing. We support this growing community at Booth and beyond through fellowships, event programming, and access to datasets, and by connecting Booth faculty members and students with industry leaders.

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Helping Tomorrow’s Business Leaders

The marketing community at Booth grants access to the insights and innovations of pioneering faculty whose ideas are changing the world. It provides opportunities for fellowships and relationships with Booth graduates who are leading the way today in a diverse and dynamic array of industries, including marketing, technology, consulting, and entrepreneurship. These connections in the Kilts community become lifelong professional and personal resources.

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Creating Community Through Student Groups

Relationships that Propel Careers

Student groups create space for great ideas to cross-pollinate, and allow students to benefit from a diversity of backgrounds, expertise, and brainpower. The Kilts Center supports the diverse student groups at Booth, including the vibrant Booth marketing and technology groups, working with them on organizing events and other career-expanding initiatives. The center also works with many of the more than 100 additional student groups in areas such as innovation, analytics, consulting, and healthcare.

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Keep Learning with Kilts

Our Community in Action

The Kilts Center hosts dozens of events every year where members of our community build their networks and gain new knowledge about the latest trends affecting businesses today.

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“Being a Kilts Fellow has given me unparalleled access to alumni and mentors. It has challenged me to be confident in what I want to pursue and helped me rest assured that there are people who are staunchly in my corner. This has been instrumental in affirming that the path I’m going down is the right one for me.”

–Lindie Wang, ’19
Cultivating Partnerships with Industry

Cultivating Industry Partnerships

Business leaders from every industry recognize the deep expertise at Booth and the value our community can create for them. The Kilts Center helps facilitate a number of initiatives for corporate partners, including initiatives that connect Booth students with corporate clients, helping them develop a new product or devise a solution to a business problem.

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Kilts Alumni

A Dynamic Alumni Network

The Kilts Center provides essential insights and opportunities for Booth alumni across all industries. Leading alumni—including Carla Dunham, ’03; Sally Grimes, ’97; and Daniel Eckert, ’05—remain engaged with the Kilts Center by attending Kilts Center events, sponsoring projects through a marketing lab course, and lending their time and expertise to a new generation of budding business leaders.

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Alumni Leverage the Expertise of Booth Students

My BoothAs a student, Grace Needleman, ’16, participated in the Kilts Center’s Marketing Case Competition at Booth and dug into Kraft’s consumer data to help create a marketing solution for the company’s Capri Sun juice drink. The experience resonated. Now working in the beverage industry, Needleman and her fellow brand managers at MillerCoors decided to sponsor a similar case competition through the Kilts Center. Read the story in Chicago Booth Magazine.

Sponsor a Marketing Lab

Interested in getting cost-effective, top-tier consulting from Booth students? If you’re a Booth graduate, we invite you to sponsor a marketing lab course. Students in marketing lab courses work with faculty and project mentors to apply The Chicago Approach to marketing to sponsors’ marketing projects, presenting their data-driven insights at the end of the 10-week course.

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Connect with Kilts

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