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Leading the Way in Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Analytical skills are arguably the most essential tools for success in today’s data-driven business world. We support Booth in its efforts to teach students how to glean insights from marketing data, to quantify consumer behavior and the effects of marketing tools, and to devise optimized marketing decisions and strategies.

Scott Uzell“What excites me about the Kilts Center is they can look at marketing in a modern world—a digital world, a data world. Decision scientists, mathematicians, and economists are going to be the marketers of the future. ... This puts Kilts and the University of Chicago in a position to be a leader in the industry.”

–Scott Uzell, ’98, President and CEO, Converse
Analytics Education at Booth

Analytics Education at Booth

Our faculty has unmatched expertise in data analysis and analytic methods. We teach students the value that studying data can bring to any business—in any industry. Our innovative curriculum features data-driven courses on pricing strategies, digital and algorithmic marketing, consumer behavior, bringing a product to market, and channel management.

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Kilts Faculty

Data-Driven Decision-Making Pioneers

As far back as the 1960s—long before industry understood the value of marketing analytics—faculty at Booth turned to consumer data to guide business decision-making. Today, our scholars continue to lead the way in developing groundbreaking, data-driven marketing research, while also consulting with the world’s leading companies, and educating the next generation of business leaders.

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Driving Research Excellence through Datasets

Leveraging the Kilts Center’s Datasets

Effective research depends on useful and accessible data. When associate professor Bradley Shapiro began researching the value of advertisements for antidepressants for consumers, he relied on datasets from the Kilts Center to help guide his research.

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By the Numbers

Faculty at Booth are leveraging the Kilts Center datasets to generate research that’s being published in some of the world’s most respected and well-read journals, such as Marketing Science, the Journal of Econometrics, and the American Economic Review.

The Next Generation of Data

In 2017, the Kilts Center entered a groundbreaking partnership with the credit-reporting giant TransUnion. This agreement will enable faculty and PhD students to study consumer credit behavior across multiple business cycles.

Siddharth N. (Bobby) Mehta“Booth occupies a very distinct position among the top business schools. It brings together the best and most rigorous academic research with the best and most rigorous applications of that research. Linking of credit data with some of the other data Kilts has can open up new avenues for investigation and research.”

–Siddharth (Bobby) Mehta, ’81, Retired President and CEO, TransUnion; Member, Kilts Center Steering Committee

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