Marketing Faculty Feature

Marketing Faculty FeatureMarketing Faculty Feature is an event showcasing the latest research from the marketing faculty at Booth. These faculty use Chicago Booth’s analytical and integrative approach to marketing to explore new insights in a wide range of industries, from consumer packaged goods to technology to healthcare. Their extensive research interests include sales and channel management, product-placement strategy, competitive advertising, algorithm aversion, and empirical quantitative marketing.

With broad real-world applications, our faculty’s research has helped improve marketing and brand strategy for numerous companies, including Prudential, General Mills, Verizon, S.C. Johnson, IBM Global Services, and ZipRecruiter.

Many of our marketing faculty have earned wide recognition for their research, including:

  • Ayelet Fishbach, winner of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology’s Best Dissertation Award and the Fulbright Educational Foundation Award
  • Pradeep K. Chintagunta, a two-time finalist for the American Marketing Association’s William F. O’Dell Award
  • Anita Rao, winner of the Frank M. Bass Award for her paper “Online Content Pricing: Purchase and Rental Markets”

Marketing Faculty Feature is held each fall and spring, giving students the opportunity to stay abreast of their professors’ latest research projects and glean new marketing insights from their work.

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Does Not Having Something Make You Want It More

Does Not Having Something Make You Want It More?

Research by professor Ayelet Fishbach finds that the desire for something depends partly on the presence of alternatives. In one study, participants abstained from using Facebook for three days. Participants who were reminded of other social-networking sites reported missing Facebook less over time. To create more effective ad campaigns, Fishbach says, marketers should denigrate the value of alternatives.

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