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ERIM Dataset

DatasetsThis data is provided for academic research purposes only. All users of this data should acknowledge the James M. Kilts Center, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, in any working paper or publication that uses any portion of this data.

The ERIM databset is data collected by the now-defunct ERIM division of A.C. Nielsen on panels of households in two midsized Midwestern cities. Information is available on the purchases of households in a number of product categories along with household demographic information.

For a subset of households, TV viewing data is available to measure exposure to commercials involving the products in each of the ERIM categories.

Download TV Viewing Data (.zip file) »

Documentation for ACN/ERIM Datasets

These files are in a directory tree that starts from acnpanel. The files are accessible via anonymous ftp. There are two branches in the tree:

  • Raw Files: This contains the original F1 - F11 from the ERIM tapes for each of the ERIM and single-source categories.
  • SAS Files: This contains SAS export format files for the main household demographics, household purchase records, and shopping occasion files of both the ERIM and single-source categories. There are also retail price files. See those directories for detailed documentation. These files are unsupported by the Kilts Center.

The original ERIM documentation (PDF) is needed only if you want to use the raw files.

ERIM Dataset Files

The eight categories included in the ERIM dataset are:

The four categories included in the single-source dataset are:

Load the advertising viewing information.

The six categories in the SAS/ERIM dataset are:

The four categories in the SAS single-source dataset are:

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