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Driving Research Excellence through Datasets

The Kilts Center has an ironclad commitment to innovation in marketing science and marketing practice. One of the ways we fulfill this commitment is by providing academic researchers with access to subscription and public datasets.

These datasets provide the foundation for vital research from Booth and beyond, from professor Bradley Shapiro’s insights into the effectiveness of drug advertisements to Jean-Pierre Dubé’s findings about food deserts and possible solutions to the nutrition gap.

Subscription Datasets

These datasets are available for academic use by faculty, PhD students, and postdoctoral researchers with a paid subscription.

Nielsen Datasets

The Nielsen datasets at the Kilts Center for Marketing is a relationship between the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and the Nielsen Company and makes comprehensive marketing datasets available to academic researchers around the world. The datasets at Booth start in 2004 and are updated on an annual basis. Researchers have leveraged the datasets to produce dozens of working papers, many of which have been published in leading academic journals. The initiative extends knowledge, supports innovation, and enhances the practice of marketing.

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Public Datasets

These datasets are provided for academic research purposes only. All users of this data should acknowledge the James M. Kilts Center, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, in all working papers or publications that use any portion of this data.

Dominick’s Dataset

The Dominick’s dataset contain nine years of store-level data on the sales of more than 3,500 UPCs. From 1989 to 1994, Chicago Booth and Dominick’s Finer Foods entered into a partnership for store-level research into shelf management and pricing.

Randomized experiments were conducted in more than 25 different categories throughout all stores in this 100-store chain. As a by-product of this research cooperation, approximately nine years of store-level data on the sales of more than 3,500 UPCs is available in this database. This data is unique for the breadth of its coverage and for the information available on retail margins.

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ERIM Dataset

These datasets contain data collected by the now-defunct ERIM division of the Nielsen Company on panels of households in two midsize midwestern cities. Information is available on household purchases in a number of product categories, along with demographic information.

For a subset of households, TV viewing data are available to measure exposure to commercials involving the products in each of the ERIM categories.

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bayesm is a software package for Bayesian analysis of many models of interest to marketers. In addition, bayesm contains a number of interesting datasets, including scanner panel data, key account-level data, store-level data, and various types of survey data.

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