Weekend MBA

Program Information

The Civic Scholars Program is a highly selective program that annually provides full-tuition scholarships to the Weekend MBA Program for up to eight exceptional professionals from across the US who work in a 501(c) nonprofit organization or for the government. Recipients of the scholarships, known as Neubauer Civic Scholars, are supported by the Neubauer Family Foundation.

Neubauer Civic Scholars experience the same academic programming and flexibility as all other Weekend MBA Program students. In addition, scholars have unique extra-curricular programming such as round-table discussions with prominent leaders in the public and nonprofit sectors and development seminars.


As a Neubauer Civic Scholar you will be with a close-knit group of fellow public and nonprofit professionals throughout your MBA journey. Together, you will be a supportive network of scholars who will help and encourage each other to grow personally and professionally.

As a student of the Weekend MBA Program, you will meet and get to know professionals from all over the US who work in different roles and in different fields, broadening your network. To add to your student community, you’ll have access to over 50,000 Chicago Booth alumni worldwide.


Booth's culture will prepare you to approach management and leadership at a new level in the public or nonprofit sectors. You'll learn valuable skills needed to run an organization, create new business and market strategies, plan for long-term financial growth, and operate at maximum efficiency - all to ensure the success of your organization today and into tomorrow. At Booth, you'll experience an academic program that features:

An emphasis on analyzing problems, generating key insights, and implementing creative solutions - We stress the importance of asking questions and examining ideas. You'll gain a superior ability and confidence to handle situations where there are no predetermined answers.

  • Flexible curriculum – As a Weekend student you have flexibility to take classes on Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. With over 130 courses available yearly and 25 Weekend courses to choose from each quarter, you can design a program to meet your career goals. This flexibility means you can target the depth of knowledge and skills you need to enhance your career. Classes may be taken on Friday evenings as well.
  • The Classroom Experience - The Chicago Booth classroom experience is unlike any other. As a student, you will be in the midst of colleagues from all walks of life, engaged in open debate, called on to voice your opinion, and collaborate with classmates to determine which ideas stand up to the rigor of intellectual inquiry.

Additionally, if your schedule permits, you are able to take up to 6 of your electives outside of the business school in other University of Chicago programs.