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Why did you choose to pursue your MBA at Chicago Booth?

I came to Booth because of the school's intentionality in developing social sector/civic leaders. The flexibility of the program and the multidisciplinary learning approach was critical to me. Finally, my positive experience with the staff & faculty. I feel seen and heard as a working student.

What skills are you looking to develop at Booth and implement into your social impact work?

I am looking to develop skills that will support my ability to analyze systems and drive durable social impact. Some of those skills include advanced critical thinking, coalition building, and technical finance skills. My goal is to make impact driven investments "mainstream."

Which MBA program (Full-Time, Evening or Weekend MBA) are you pursuing and why?

I pursued the Weekend MBA because of the program's flexibility, while still providing regular interaction with peers outside of the classroom. Additionally it best aligns with my heavy work schedule that requires regular travel.


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