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What are your career aspirations?

My career goals involve making an impact on veteran healthcare and ensuring that any veteran choosing care at the Veterans Administration (VA) is receiving the highest-quality healthcare possible. I want to work in a dynamic capacity across sectors, collaborating with VA providers, policy-making leaders, and private sector partners to ensure that information is appropriately transferred between sites so all providers can be fully informed when treating patients. A Booth MBA will further develop my critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, and an overall sense of curiosity, positioning me to significantly impact the VA as well as the healthcare industry.

Please explain, how do you think that Booth classroom experience will help you in your work/career growth?

I am particularly excited about the diverse students that I will be able to collaborate with and learn from at Booth. The Civic Scholars Program will allow me to develop a network of government and nonprofit professionals while also exposing me to students with diverse backgrounds and different points of view. Additionally, I am looking forward to being in an environment that encourages critical thinking and a sense of curiosity, challenging me to think differently and approach problems in new ways.

Which MBA program (Full-Time, Evening or Weekend MBA) are you pursuing and why?

I am pursuing the part-time Evening MBA Program. I am excited at the opportunity to continue in my same position with the VA, because I will be able to immediately incorporate what I am learning at Booth into my work. My manager and colleagues at the VA are extremely supportive as I begin my education at Booth.


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