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Why did you choose to pursue your MBA at Chicago Booth?

After spending several years working in the public and social sectors, I have seen firsthand how leaders with strong strategic and management skills can accelerate and scale social impact efforts. Booth’s flexible and individualized curriculum, focus on experiential learning, and the collaborative social impact community made it stand out as an ideal place for me to strengthen my skills, expand my network, and explore future opportunities to enact positive social change.

What skills are you looking to develop at Booth and implement into your social impact work?

Working in the New York City Mayor’s office during COVID-19 and launching a new Center for Racial Economic Equity at a national nonprofit has given me the chance to wear many hats, including operations, marketing, business development, and strategy. I’m excited to study these fields formally to understand best practices and to consider how these can be applied to improve and expand social impact, particularly as it relates to creating financially sustainable organizations and initiatives.

What are your career aspirations?

Within the broad category of “social impact”, I am most passionate about expanding economic opportunity and mobility, particularly through the lens of gender and racial equity. After working in nonprofits and government, I am hoping to explore how social enterprises are pursuing innovative ideas to tackle this challenge, either as an operator or on the financing side.


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