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Why did you choose to pursue your MBA at Chicago Booth?

I have been looking to build my strategic toolbox alongside others that are also striving to make the American workforce more inclusive and equitable. The Chicago Booth Civic Scholars Program will allow me to learn and grow alongside other social impact-oriented people tackling some of the biggest problems in our communities. The flexible curriculum allows me to customize my own journey to fit my goals and career path.

What skills are you looking to develop at Booth and implement into your social impact work?

I am looking forward to gaining quantitative and strategic leadership skills to drive diversity and inclusion in the workforce. The nonprofit world often speaks a different language than that of corporate America and I am eager to be fluent in both. I am especially excited to learn from some of the top minds in economics and strategy.

What are your career aspirations?

The American workforce is not yet reflective of the diversity that the future demands. I hope to leverage my Booth experience to learn the necessary skills and frameworks to help prepare the professional world to attract and retain the next generation of leaders.


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