Full-Time MBA

Graduate Business Council

The Graduate Business Council (GBC) is Chicago Booth's student government body. From books to professors, and careers to clubs, the GBC has all the student groups social events, career opportunities, and info on Chicago and Hyde Park that students want to know. As representatives of the student body, we want to provide you with every opportunity and advantage that will make your transition to Chicago and your educational experience the best that it can be.

What we do

Our responsibilities are to support and enhance the overall experience of students. We work with more than 60 student groups and clubs to organize events, ranging from career conferences to panel discussions, from bar nights to boat cruises. We also represent the entire student body to faculty and administration and lead many of the initiatives for change. We make every effort to meet the needs and interests of the entire student body.

How to get in touch

We would love to hear from you and help in any way that we can to improve your experience. Please feel free to email us.


Sarah Liu, President
Clay Nickens, Executive Vice President
Pri Bhargava, Vice President of Student Life & Wellness
Ashley Allison, Vice President of Global Affairs
Vinit Atal, Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion 
Mary Wang, Vice President of Professional Life