MAY 2–4, 2019

Reconnect 2019

Chicago, Illinois

Save the date for an unforgettable weekend with old friends and new.

 Walk-In Registration


The list below reflects only those registrants who opted in to share their names on the website. If you have registered and do not see your name listed, please contact to be opted in. The list is updated weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Who's Coming

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
A. Chris Ortigara 1999 Executive CrossCheck Compliance
Aamer Rao 2019 Evening/Weekend Mobilitie
Aanshwi Kaul NA
Aaron Chaiken 2014 Full Time Bain & Co.
Aaron Brown 2014 Full Time BCG
Abdulaziz Alhudhayf
Abhishek Pakhira 2015 Executive Aureus Techsystems
Abigail Moyer 2017 Executive XTO Energy
Abraham Owens
Adam Minow 1999 Full Time MINOWCPA CORPORATION
Adam Behrman 2019 Full Time none
Adam Frederico 2018 Evening/Weekend Accelerated Growth Advisors
Adam Hartstein 2004 Evening/Weekend Point B
Adip Numa Hellal 2009 Full Time FDN
Aditi Ruhi 2014 Full Time Zume
Aditya Agrawal 2020 Evening/Weekend Accenture
Aditya Karanth 2018 Full Time Sheffield Asset Management
Adolfo Pittaluga 2014 Full Time McKinsey & Co
Adrian Gomez 2009 Full Time
Adrian Pellen 2018 Evening/Weekend Marsh
Agnes Brooks
Agnes Brooks
Agustin (Agustín (Tingu)) Peirano 2018 Full Time Mercado Libre
AJ Hermann 2020 Evening/Weekend Ecolab
Ajay Jyoti 2004 Full Time Analysis Group
Ajay Ram 2023 Evening/Weekend SPR
Akshay Nagella
Alan Silberman 2007 Executive Microsoft
Alan Tu 2014 Full Time T Rowe Price
Alan Zinkin 1989 Full Time EisnerAmper
Alana Lay-Phillips
Albert Kline 2018 Evening/Weekend Heidrick & Struggles
Albert Suprenant 2018 Evening/Weekend Blue Ridge Partners
Alberto Abbo 2009 Full Time Deloitte Consulting
Alejandro Correa 2014 Full Time A.T. Kearney
Alejandro Sanhueza 2014 Full Time Codelco
Alex chang UChicago Student
Alex Greenhouse 2016 Full Time Accenture
Alex Yang 2001 Full Time Xelay Acumen
Alexa Manos 2018 Full Time PepsiCo
Alexander Delli Paoli 1988 Evening/Weekend Engineered Strategic Visions
Alexander Grimstad 2014 Full Time Lazard Middle Market
Alexander Kuznetsov 2016 Full Time Pekin Hardy Strauss Wealth Management
Alexander Shire 2004 Full Time CIBC
Alexander Stratmann 2018 Full Time eLoyalty
Alexander Zeyss 2009 Full Time Zeyss Management GmbH
Alexandre Appadoo 2009 Full Time Wells Fargo - Asset Mgt
Alexandre Penet 2009 Executive PENET (LA MAISON)
Alexi Makkas 1999 Full Time Redwood Investments
Alexis (Anderson) Lavko 2009 Full Time Epsilon Economics
Alexis Arnold
Alexis Derrow 2009 Evening/Weekend HERE Technologies
Alexis Mu 2018 Full Time CapitalSource
Alexis Sepulveda 2014 Executive Amazon
Ali Hassani 2018 Full Time
Ali Pervaiz 2016 Executive GE Healthcare
Alisa Miller 1999 Full Time PRI/PRX
Allie Bendor Vokal
Alma Valentin
Althea Trevor 2014 Evening/Weekend Dimensional Fund Advisors
Alvaro Alesso 2018 Full Time
Alvaro Cunto 2004 Full Time
Aly Kasberg 2020 Evening/Weekend Digitas
Alyson (Tesler) Anderson 2004 Full Time
Alyson Ogden 2004 Full Time Bank of America
Alyssa Premji 2014 Full Time Davita
Aman Mundi
Amanda (Jones) Bhalla 2009 Full Time Prophet Brand Strategy
Amanda Lerner 2018 Evening/Weekend United Airlines
Amanda Rutledge 1994 Full Time
Amanda Rutledge
Amber Holzmeister 2018 Evening/Weekend KPMG
Amit Garg 2004 Full Time Financial Services Private EquityMcKinsey and Company
Amit Patel 2018 Full Time Barings
Amit Swaroop 2018 Full Time H.I.G. Capital
Amy (Bryant) Sieben 1989 Full Time Blue Cross Blue Shield
Amy (Inlander) Lester 2014 Full Time Campbell Soup Company
Amy Lee 2009 Full Time Wavemaker
Amy Levine 1994 Full Time Shenkman Capital Management
Ana Berges
Ana Taralunga 2018 Full Time PepsiCo
Anadi Misra 2014 Full Time Capital One
Analyssa (Doyle) Noe 2018 Full Time Deloitte Consulting
Anand Cerillo Sharma
Anand Sankaralingam 2014 Full Time evercore
Anchal Gupta
Anders Andersen 2009 Executive Nordea Bank AB
Andi Hadisutjipto 2016 Full Time Riviter
Andre Konig 2004 Full Time Estrapadus
Andrea (Shagory) Strudeman 2004 Full Time Healthcare Financial Management Assn.
Andrea (Harper) Boston 1988 Evening/Weekend
Andrea Marini 2009 Full Time Dell Technologies
Andrea Schubiner 2014 Full Time Wanderful Journeys
Andreas Deutschmann 1994 Full Time Risk Werks
Andrée PInard 1994 Full Time Cogeco
Andres Marquez Boy 2014 Full Time Rothschild & Co
Andrew Kiracofe 2014 Full Time Wilson Perumal & Co
Andrew Cerillo 1999 Full Time Credit Suisse
Andrew Criste AEA Investors
Andrew Drake 1994 Full Time Celsius Mobility
Andrew Godwin 2018 Full Time Gibraltar Real Estate Capital
Andrew Holmes 2009 Full Time Demica
Andrew Jessen 2004 Full Time William Blair
Andrew Watt 1994 Full Time TD Bank
Andy Bratten 2014 Full Time Mckinsey & Co.
Andy Simonoff 1999 Full Time Voya Investment Management
Andy Xu 2014 Executive Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
Angel Chen Mckinsey
Angel Williams
Angela Figg 1997 Evening/Weekend Instinet
Angie Dobrofsky 2014 Full Time Tyson Foods
Anh (Nguyen) Reiland 2009 Executive Access Community Health Network
Anil Harjani 2010 Evening/Weekend Hireology
Anjali Marok 2018 Full Time The Context Network
Ankita Kaul Happy 2B Healthy
Ankur Gupta 2004 Full Time PNC
Ankur Raniwala 2014 Full Time Ring
Ann Boland 2 - Neuvanta and
Anna Beckmann
Annie (Latham) Rousseau 2020 Evening/Weekend
Annie Monahan
Anoop Anekal 2009 Full Time Centaur Capital Partners
Anthony DeChellis 1999 Full Time Boston Private Bank & Trust
Anthony Ruizcalderon 2018 Full Time Heitman
ANTONIO OLIVO 2017 Executive LSL Healthcare Inc
Antwan Williams 2017 Evening/Weekend Microsoft
Anuj Maniar 2004 Full Time Deloitte
Aparna Kumar 2009 Full Time Opera Solutions
Arek Puzia 2009 Full Time PathWise Wealth Partners
Arjun Agarwala 2016 Full Time PwC Strategy&
Armando Mitchell 2019 Evening/Weekend Medtronic
Arthur Chiu 2014 Full Time Mckinsey & Co.
Arthur Lobato 2009 Executive Eseye
Arthur Smourigin 2004 Full Time
Arti Badami 2018 Full Time IBM
Arun Melvani 1999 Full Time Pretium Partners
Arunkumar Kothandaraman Tata Consultancy Services
Arvin Shandiz 2017 Evening/Weekend Silver Spur Capital
Arvind Bhaskar 2009 Evening/Weekend TekLink
Asha Sarode 2014 Evening/Weekend Ascent Technologies
Ashish Choudhary 2020 Full Time
Ashley (Baxter) Zickefoose 2004 Full Time CEC Entertainment
Ashley Becker 2014 Full Time Kraft Heinz
Ashok Bhatia 1999 Full Time Neuberger Berman
Ashwin George 2018 Executive Valley Medical & Wellness
Astha Goyal
Astrid Becker Mondl 2016 Evening/Weekend Ehava Hospitality
Audrey Iverson
Augustine Murdoch Duncan 2018 Full Time
Austin Bankhead 1999 Full Time Snap Finance
Austin Murray 2016 Full Time The Underground / Rockit Ranch Productions
Avinesh Bhar 2018 Executive Navicent Health
Aviv Shalgi 2018 Full Time Dormigo
Avni Nana N/A
Baber Abbas 2013 Evening/Weekend Commscope
Bala Ekambaram 1999 Full Time AlixPartners
Barry Lesht 1999 Executive General Dynamics Information Technology
Barry Sabloff 1974 Evening/Weekend Marquette Bank
Bartholomew Sayer 2004 Full Time The Estee Lauder Companies
Bassam Yammine 1994 Full Time Excelsa Development Holdings
Beatrice Willemse
Becky (Libby) Charvat 2009 Full Time Quantcast
Becky Khayum
Becky Wang Uber
Belen Romero 2014 Full Time IBM
Ben Swartz 2014 Executive Marcel Digital
Ben de Fiebre 2018 Evening/Weekend Harris Williams
Ben Johnson 2014 Full Time eBay
Benny Zheng 2018 Evening/Weekend A.T. Kearney
Bernard Quancard 1969 Full Time
Bernardo Graf 2018 Full Time Actis
Beth Ferner
Bethany Kay Barefoot 2009 Full Time Momentum Worldwide
Bhalendu Deshpande 1999 Full Time Conning
Bhaskar Kalita 2018 Executive Quantiphi
Bhavik Nana Community Health System
Bill O'Connor 2004 Full Time
Birgit Stuckenschneider
Blair Jacobson 1999 Full Time Ares Management
Bob Lord 1999 Full Time Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management
Borja Soldevila 2014 Full Time
Brad Arnold
Brandon Boros 2018 Evening/Weekend BMO Capital Markets Corp
Brendan Downing 2018 Executive XSELL Technologies
Brent Matson 2004 Full Time LOQBOX
Brent Paris 1999 Full Time Dubin Clark & Co.
Brentt Baltimore 2018 Full Time Greycroft
Brett Bell 2018 Full Time Accenture
Brett Ladendorf 2007 Evening/Weekend IASG Fund Services
Brian Murphy 2004 Full Time Murphy Consulting
Brian Acks 2015 Evening/Weekend CNA Insurance
Brian Burkhammer
Brian Hieggelke 1984 Full Time Newcity
Brian Jacobsen West Monroe Capital
Brian Johnson 2009 Executive University of Southern California
Brian McMillion 2009 Full Time Aetna
Brian O'Connor NextGen Growth Partners
Brian Orr Grandview Partners, LLC
Brian Tkach 2014 Full Time Mckinsey & Co.
Brittany Neisewander 2018 Full Time Deloitte Consulting
Brittany Henry 2017 Full Time Impact America Fund
Bruce Bunner 1999 Full Time Quadrant Management
Bruce Gockerman 1997 Executive Standard Deviation Econometrics
Bruno Mourao Silva 2014 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group
Byron Boston 1986 Full Time Dynex Capital
Calvin Baker 1969 Full Time
Camilo (Toro) Alvarez Toro 2018 Full Time ZESTFINANCE
Camilo Varela
Candace Potempa 2018 Evening/Weekend AbbVie
Carlos de la Fuente 2007 Evening/Weekend none
Carlyna Carvalho 2020 Full Time
Carmen Gutierrez Smith 2014 Full Time Julius Baer
Carmen Magar 2009 Full Time Facebook
Carole Harris 1994 Full Time Sonoma Clean Power
Caroline Davidson 2004 Full Time Monroe Capital
Carson Cunningham 2018 Full Time OnPrem Solution Partners
Carson Iverson
Catherine Gacad 2004 Full Time Wells Fargo
Cathleen Gabriel 2021 Evening/Weekend AIG
Cathy Cislak
Chad Iverson 2004 Full Time Lendio
Chad Richard 1994 Full Time
Chaitanya Yaramada 2009 Full Time Brown Capital Management
Chandra Pendyala 2010 Evening/Weekend Profitics
Charles Wang 2014 Evening/Weekend Enlivant
Charlie Forster 2018 Executive
Charlotte Guy 2018 Full Time
Chase Yeung 2016 Executive 7Qubes
Cheryl Cortez
Chip Evans 1974 Full Time
Chris Cerimele 1999 Full Time Balmoral Advisors
Christa Smyth 2018 Full Time WhereTo
Christina Xiong 2018 Full Time Accenture Strategy
Christine Bilyk 2018 Evening/Weekend Brookfield Public Securities Group
Christine Le 2006 Full Time KPV
Christine Saffold 2020 Full Time Chicago Booth
Christine Starks Campos The Metropolitan
Christopher Esch 2018 Full Time Mckinsey & Co.
Christopher Akiwowo Ibukun Comprehensive Community Services
Christopher Broughton 2017 Evening/Weekend Bottom Line
Christopher Darragh 2012 Evening/Weekend West Monroe Capital
Christopher Denver 1999 Evening/Weekend IFG
Christopher Hayward JPMorgan/ Highbridge Capital Management
Christopher Iglesias 2014 Full Time Cacique
Christopher Lange
Christopher Metcalf 1999 Full Time BridgeView Pictures
Christopher Pearson 2014 Executive Sia Partners
Christopher Phelan City of Newport Beach
Christopher Tobias 1999 Full Time Intel Corporation
Chuck Lay 1984 Full Time Midwest Training Institute
Cindy (Watson) Yingling
Clair Pong Brookfield Asset Management
Claire (Anderson) ONeill 2009 Full Time Waterstone Management Group
Claire (Baldikoski) Koeneman 1994 Full Time Bully Pulpit Interactive
Claire (Moroni) Sayers
Claire (Rauh) McDonough 2009 Full Time J.P. Morgan
Claire Kline
Clara Gil None
Clare (Kelly) Metcalf 1994 Full Time Russell Reynolds
Claudia Eachus 2018 Full Time LinkedIn
Claudia Jones 2018 Full Time PSP Partners
Clifton Muhammad 2001 Evening/Weekend Data For Social Change
Cole Lundquist 2014 Full Time ApplePie Capital
Concepción Prado 2016 Executive Greenfield Group
Connie Anderson
Conrad Goldstein 2014 Full Time Google
Cord Frieden 2004 Full Time Dropbox
Corina Tufa-Dragos 2009 Full Time Fannie Mae
Corinne (Brogan) Fern 1994 Full Time 1792 Wealth Advisors
Corrie (McIntosh) Carrigan 2004 Full Time Bain & Co.
Courtney Kohler 2018 Full Time Workday
Craig McDonough
Cristina Pereira 2014 Full Time Citigroup
Crystal Shen 2018 Executive Jefferies
Cylton Collymore 2018 Executive Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Cynthia (Repa) Rapponotti 1984 Full Time Commerce Trust Company
Cynthia Smith 2015 Full Time Discover Financial Services
Dafydd Silcock 1993 Full Time D&M Enterprises
Damian Ehrlicher DJE Consulting Services
Damon Vaughan 2004 Full Time Cardinal Health
Dan Gruemmer 2009 Full Time American Century Investments
Dan Guill Enlivant (TPG Capital)
Dan Hsieh 1989 Full Time ION Media Networks
Dan Peled 2016 Full Time Dormigo
Daniel (Daniel K. Sabol) Sabol 1992 Evening/Weekend Bank of America
Daniel Mytelka 1999 Full Time MIT / Center for Biomedical Innovation
Daniel Paul 1994 Full Time ConocoPhillips
Daniel Rodriguez 2014 Full Time Google
Daniel Dudlak
Daniel Hoffman 1984 Full Time Cerberus Capital Management
Daniel Lapushin 1999 Full Time Fortella
Daniel Patton 2018 Full Time JPMorgan
Daniel Posner 1994 Full Time Alliance Bernstein
Daniel Scott BBDO
Daniele Pedrazzoli 2003 Executive Liberty Mutual
Danielle Gopen 2014 Full Time Canyon Partners
Danielle Voyles 2012 Evening/Weekend Baxter International
Danya Shaar 2020 Executive Lululemon
Dao Boyle 2013 Evening/Weekend TransUnion
Daphne Mazarakis 1999 Full Time
Darin Neumyer 2004 Full Time Cherry Bekaert
Dave Donnelly 2012 Evening/Weekend SpiderRock Advisors
Dave Einolf 1989 Full Time Endeavour EHS
Dave Martinelli 2009 Evening/Weekend Portage Point Partners
Dave Mullen 2018 Full Time Wells Fargo Strategic Capital
David Daigle 1994 Full Time Capital Group
David Moore 2018 Full Time Citigroup
David DiLoreto 2016 Evening/Weekend Heineken
David Flueck 1999 Full Time Marriott International
David Greer 1999 Full Time Merril / Bank of America
David Lee 1999 Full Time The Capital Group
David Maley 1984 Full Time Ariel Investments
David Mendez 2018 Full Time
David Muller 1984 Full Time Ashmore Investment
David Pelleg 1994 Full Time Kent State University
David Pruitt 2013 Evening/Weekend
David Rabie
David Rodriguez 2009 Full Time NextPatient
David Rosenbaum WHI Real Estate Partners
David Ryou 2018 Evening/Weekend Deloitte Consulting
David Sturrus 2009 Full Time Walgreens
Dawn (Pickett) Leijon 1994 Full Time Virginia Tech
Dawn Priory 1999 Evening/Weekend Hollister Incorporated
Dean Haefner 1989 Full Time
Dean Sotter Grandview Partners
Debra Hoitomt
Debra Xu 2008 Evening/Weekend
Deepika McConnell Northwestern Hospital
Demetrios Dounis 2007 Full Time The Compass Group
Dena (Gavitt) Neuwirth 1999 Full Time RTS Labs
Denis Krupnov 2004 Full Time REASON8 Films
Denise (Cash) Hlad 1995 Evening/Weekend agileResource
Dennis Bianucci 1994 Full Time Community Funded
Dennis Tong 2014 Full Time Aetna / CVS
Derek Lundberg 2004 Full Time
Derek Schlonsky 2009 Full Time Ricardo Strategic Consulting
Diana Hu 1999 Full Time InBounds USA
Diana Rosa Eaton
Diane (Nale) Rittmanic 2009 Executive Home Partners of America
Dianne Begin 1999 Executive New Beginnings Garden Design
Diego Celayeta 2018 Full Time Salesforce
Diego Santa Maria 2014 Full Time Grainger
Dimitri Drone 1999 Full Time Houlihan Lokey
Dino Beslic 2016 Full Time Grey Mountain Partners
Disha Sharma 2018 Full Time Adobe Systems Incorporated
Divya Gadodia 2004 Full Time Knowledgreetree Advisory Services Pvt Lt
Divya Varshney 1999 Full Time Baxter Healthcare
Don Baptiste 2004 Full Time
Don Stroberg 1994 Full Time Ligado Networks
Donna Norell
Doug Bradley 1994 Full Time Dwight School
Doug Hohner 1999 Full Time Boston Consulting Group
Douglas Monieson 1989 Full Time UICO, LLC/Hyde Park Angels
Drew Wessell 2012 Evening/Weekend KFB
Duong Phan 2016 Full Time Arrrowstreet Capital
Ed Cerny 1999 Full Time Backcast Partners
Edd Hamzanlui 2020 Evening/Weekend RLB
Edie Shang
Eduardo Nestel 2009 Full Time Unión de Crédito el Águila
Eduardo Sarreta 2018 Evening/Weekend GE Healthcare
Edward Cheknis 1979 Executive
Edward Naranjo 2000 Full Time Emerson Automation Solutions
Eileen Timmins IPC Systems
Eleanor Westerbeck
Elen dePaula
Elena Zalewski 2019 Evening/Weekend ACH Foods
Elisha Madula
Elizabeth Blair University of Chicago
Elizabeth Foster 1994 Full Time Kilkenny Capital Management
Elizabeth Gannett 2018 Full Time The Chartis Group
Elizabeth Goltermann 1985 Full Time KI Industries
Elizabeth Jenson
Elizabeth Kim 2014 Full Time Mckinsey & Co.
Elle Javorek Bath & Body Works
Ellen Fong 2000 Full Time
Ellery Bledsoe 2009 Full Time Nike
Emilio Andrade 2014 Full Time Citi
Emily (Stetler) Gardner 2014 Full Time VMware
Emily Bergstrom 2013 Evening/Weekend Ostrom Capital Partners
Emily Fowler Pellen
Emily Harte 2014 Evening/Weekend The Boston Consulting Group
Eric Chern CTC Trading Group
Eric Etu 2009 Full Time SAP Concur
Eric Hart 2004 Full Time Expedia Group
Eric Herbert 2020 Evening/Weekend
Eric Hsueh Akira
Eric Kohn The Cambridge Group, Inc.
Eric Lewis
Eric Liu 2009 Full Time Harris Associates
Eric Muehlhauser
Eric Suh 2018 Evening/Weekend Livingstone Partners
Eric Zimmer 2009 Executive University of Notre Dame
Erica Watkins Ryan 2018 Full Time Kraft Heinz
Erik Graber 1999 Full Time Conway MacKenzie
Erik Johnson Morningstar
Erik Vaughan 2014 Executive Standard Wellness Company
Erin (Leone) Blute 2004 Full Time
Erin (Mackey) O'Keefe 2008 Evening/Weekend Public Building Commission of Chicago
Erin Kelsey 2018 Evening/Weekend Pekin Hardy Strauss Wealth Management
Essen Amir-Ali 2016 Full Time Fidelity
Eteri Zaslavsky 2004 Full Time Next Realty
Ethan Moore
Ethan Wang 2014 Full Time Pine Brook Road Partners
Eva (Varma) Ahmed 2009 Full Time Wells Fargo
Eva Hsu ICF
Eva Ortega Nuñez Banco Santander
Evan Coughenour 2014 Full Time Bellwether Education Partners
Evgenia Korkina 2009 Full Time Ferrara USA
Evgeny Vostretsov 2018 Full Time Falcon Edge Capital
Ezeibe Anosike 2014 Full Time Microsoft Corporation
Farhad Hakimov 2004 Full Time IQVIA
Farhan Banani McKinsey & Co
Federico Beckmann Moody's
Felicia Rauls 2014 Evening/Weekend Mesirow Financial
Felisha (Liu) Faulkner 2014 Full Time SCA
Felix Schupp 2015 Executive StarFish Capital
Felix Wai 2009 Full Time Citadel
Fernanda Lobeira
Fernanda Lussich
Fernando Garcia 2018 Evening/Weekend NEORIS Digital Solutions
Flavia Santos Silva
Florencia Guarnaschelli
Francisca Hoces CMPC
Francisco Canales Stelzer 2009 Full Time Nueve Capital
Frank Caine 1976 Full Time Dexter Advisors
Frankie Cleary CapTech
Franklin Young 1974 Full Time TC Young Foundation
Gabi Varela
Gabriel Buteler 2004 Full Time Scotiabank Europe
Gabriela Ortega
Gaby Lavalle
Ganesh Pai 2009 Executive
Gary Roll 2004 Evening/Weekend General Motors
Gaspar Betancourt 2016 Full Time Wipro
Gaurav Kukreja 2004 Full Time Amstar
Gaurav Kumar BP Americas
Gaurav Mujumdar 2014 Full Time Microsoft
Gayatri Shenai 2009 Full Time Mckinsey & Co.
Gayle Ekstrom 1996 Evening/Weekend Republic Bank of Chicago
Gena Bezdek 2014 Full Time AVIA
George Doherty 1999 Full Time Clipper Ship Ventures
George Seay Annandale Capital
George Stein 2009 Evening/Weekend HSBC Bank
Gerald Nalepa 1989 Full Time
Gerard Damien 2004 Full Time OGCI
Gerardine D’Sa 2004 Evening/Weekend
Gergana Kostadinova 2018 Full Time Accenture
Ghida (El Osman) Yammine
Gianna (Zelaya) Bern 1989 Full Time University of Notre Dame
Gil Bolotin 2014 Full Time Anagog
Gilad Andorn 2018 Full Time LiveAuctioneers
Gilbert Ong 2009 Full Time Nuveen
Gina (Perazzo) Lytle 2009 Full Time Goldman Sachs
Gina Sima 2019 Full Time
Gino DiGregorio 1994 Evening/Weekend Accenture
Gita Chakrabarti 2004 Full Time Walmart
glenn primack 1995 Evening/Weekend pdgcapital
Gonzalo Robina 2018 Full Time E Group
Gordon Lawrence 1999 Full Time Wellington Management Company
Govindasamy Ramanan 2009 Executive NINE CAPITAL
Graham Iverson
Grant Robertson 2018 Full Time Grace Matthews
Greg Thorson 1994 Full Time Bottle Rocket - Ogilvy
Greg Foster 2009 Full Time Workday
Greg Sitrin 1999 Full Time Raymond James
Gregg Vann 2009 Executive Admiral Advisory Group
Gregory Cislak 1979 Full Time Cislak Realty
Gregory Hedges 1989 Evening/Weekend Protiviti
Gregory Morin 2004 Full Time Argonne National Laboratory
Gretchen (Frary) Seay 1999 Full Time Clearsight Capital Advisors
Guillermo Bravo 2009 Full Time FibraHotel
Guillermo Vallejo
Hansa Melvani
Hao Yan 2019 Full Time Credit Suisse
Haresh Vaswani 1987 Full Time LPL Financial
Hariff Davies
Harish Krishnamurthy 1994 Full Time TechMileage Software Solutions
Harsh Kanda 2009 Full Time Mubadala
Harshal Patel 1999 Full Time Sago Capital
Hazal Martinez
Heather Towt 2009 Full Time Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Heidi (Bruch) Gilllmore 2004 Full Time
Heidi Hu 1989 Full Time
Heinrich Stuckenschneider 1979 Full Time
Helen Qubain 1999 Full Time Story Goldmine
Helen Bogen 2018 Full Time L.E.K. Consulting
Hendrik Spaepen 2014 Full Time BCG
Henry Arnold
Hernando Bunuan 2007 Full Time Adykai Ventures
Hilal Tamrat 2017 Evening/Weekend Zekelman Industries
Himanshu Varandani 2009 Evening/Weekend Q-Centrix
Hind Hassan 2019 Full Time
Holly Fulp 2004 Full Time Paylocity
Holly Shearer Chicago Booth
Holly Tu 2018 Full Time Chicago Pacific Founders
Hossam Tewfik 2014 Full Time Facebook
Howard Albert 1984 Full Time Assured Guaranty
Ian Lue 1993 Full Time Guggenheim Partners
Iday Shanawaz 2009 Full Time IBM
Igor Shkilko 2018 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Irene Didinsky 2004 Evening/Weekend FEI System
Irina Fursman 2000 Evening/Weekend Odysseys into Wellbeing
Isabel Thorson
Isha (Jindal) Sharma 2016 Full Time LinkedIn
Ishita Majumdar 2004 Evening/Weekend eBay
Izabella Appadoo HSBC
J Michael Harley 1999 Executive Opus Arbiter SM
J.P. Claxton 2004 Full Time Catalyst Operating Group
Jack Pedron
Jack Quinn 2023 Evening/Weekend FHLB Chicago
Jaclyn Zhuang 2009 Full Time Facebook
Jacqueline Barrett 2014 Evening/Weekend LinkedIn
Jahaan Varandani
Jai Das 1999 Full Time Sapphire Ventures
Jalpa Patel 2018 Full Time
Jamarr Buchanan BLACKRIDGE Unlimited
James Brauher Walmart
James Hardiman 2014 Full Time Data Collective
James Janoskey 1994 Full Time JP Morgan
James Jenkins 2016 Full Time Boston Consulting Group
James Meiners 2019 Evening/Weekend Ankura
James Mok 2018 Executive DuPage Medical Group
James Morrow 1999 Full Time Callodine Capital Management
James Viceconte 1987 Full Time Versatile Capital Management
Jamie (Kraska) Muehlhauser 2004 Full Time
Jamie Manos 2014 Evening/Weekend Centinel Spine
Jan Hieggelke Newcity
Janet Henry 1999 Executive Ramirez Asset Management
Janet Waring
Janice Beavin 1989 Full Time Saint Gobain North America
Jarrod Koenig 2009 Full Time Betterment
Jason Ko 2009 Full Time TSS
Jason Brown 2009 Full Time Tally Technologies
Jason Jao 2018 Full Time ZS
Jason Simpson 2019 Executive Discover Financial Services
Jason Wilson 1999 Full Time
Jasper Platz 2009 Full Time Tally Technologies
Javier Lamo 2009 Full Time BBVA
Javiera Soler
Jay Woldenberg 1989 Full Time Fulcrum Financial Corporation
Jaya Kandaswamy 2018 Evening/Weekend Capital One
Jean Marc Etchebarne 1979 Full Time VO Conseils
Jeanette (Danno) Walton
Jeff Hoffman 2004 Full Time CVS Health
Jeff Bartow 2014 Full Time Bain & Co.
Jeff Davis 2012 Evening/Weekend JD2 Consulting Group
Jeff Nathan 2014 Full Time L Catterton
Jeff Thiesen 2016 Full Time Lazard
Jeff Wilcoxon 2004 Full Time Nationwide
Jeff Yingling 1984 Full Time Guggenheim Securities
Jeff Zickefoose Hamilton Realty Finance
Jeffery Nguyen 2018 Full Time Republic Services
Jeffrey Detweiler 2014 Executive
Jeffrey Lee 2010 Executive Proteintech
Jeffrey Carter 2007 Executive West Loop Ventures
Jeffrey Glass Abbvie
Jehana Vazifdar 2018 Full Time SurveyMonkey
Jen Park 2014 Full Time Huge
Jenna Donahue 2020 Full Time
Jenna Moore
Jennifer (Jain) Bennett 2014 Full Time Mac & Mia
Jennifer (Shelby) Czaja 2018 Full Time Life Fitness
Jennifer Bezoza Leading For Good
Jennifer Grimmer 2018 Evening/Weekend
Jennifer Kaufman 2004 Full Time
Jennifer Nocco 2009 Full Time Caesars Entertainment
Jennifer Varela 2009 Full Time Reynolds Consumer Products
Jennifer Williams 1999 Full Time Bank of America
Jennifer Yurcak 2009 Full Time Microsoft (Xbox)
Jenny Spiel 2018 Full Time Deloitte Consulting
Jeremiah Mergener 2016 Full Time BP
Jeremy Getson 2004 Full Time AQR Capital
Jeremy Oberfeld MCC Holdings
Jeremy Schellin 2011 Full Time Sargento
Jeri (Easterday) Vick 1999 Full Time
Jerome Bouaziz 2009 Full Time McKinsey & Co
Jerome Nichols 2014 Full Time CBRE Global Investors
Jerry O'Brien 1994 Full Time O'Brien-Staley Partners
Jess (Lindor) Donald 2009 Full Time Prophet
Jesse Calderon 2018 Full Time Moelis & Company
Jessica (Block) Roubitchek 2009 Evening/Weekend Purple Monkey Playroom & Aubergine Chicago
Jessica (Herrmann) Rabie 2014 Full Time Crown Family Philanthropies
Jessica Cymet
Jessica Jaggers Chicago Booth
Jessica Peng 2016 Full Time
Jessica Schoenfeld
Jessica Sheehan Self-Employed
Jian Chai 2018 Executive Energy Recovery inc
Jianfeng Li 2016 Evening/Weekend Mckinsey & Co.
Jie Jiang 2014 Full Time Google
Jim Hofmockel 1994 Full Time Hofmockel Investments
Jim Schifman Kaleidoscope Retail Serives
Jin Zhang Kargo
Jinwah Lau 2009 Full Time Bold
Jo Trahms 2014 Full Time William Blair
Joan Treistman 1969 Full Time The Treistman Group
Joanna (Anagnos) Brinckerhoff 1994 Full Time
Joanne Chen Foundation Capital
Jody Kirchner 2009 Full Time Kirchner Strategy
Jody Goehring Hyde Park Ventures
Joe Sifferlen 1993 Executive Premier Asset Management
Joe Stark 1994 Full Time DW Partners
Joe Wicklander 2014 Executive CIBC Bank USA
John Baik 2018 Full Time AlixPartners
John Blevins 2014 Executive Eaton
John Bonner 1999 Full Time Refinitiv
John Chang 2009 Executive Real Capital International
John Ciasulli 2014 Full Time Nubundle
John Dudlak 1978 Evening/Weekend Chicago Paper Tube and Can Company
John Edwards 2018 Evening/Weekend Discover Financial Services
John Green 1966 Evening/Weekend
John Griffin 1999 Full Time Centerwood Holdings
John Kim 2018 Evening/Weekend F&A Specialty Foods
John Moison 2020 Evening/Weekend Northern Trust
John Morrison 2014 Full Time Dimensional Fund Advisors
John Nikolich 1994 Full Time LSC Development
John O'Callahan 1999 Full Time Prudential Financial
John Okrzesik GN Hearing
John Ossyra 1999 Executive Honeywell/ UOP
John Perry 1968 Evening/Weekend Four Hour Society
John Phelan 1993 Evening/Weekend Speedpro Imaging North Shore
John Salvino 2006 Evening/Weekend William Blair & Co
John Shoffner 2000 Full Time Minn. Dept. of Employment & Econ. Dvlpmnt.
John Wallace 2017 Executive Workbox
John Walton 1974 Full Time
Johnnie Watson 1999 Full Time
Johnny Moore 2005 Full Time Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Jon Lancaster Epsilon Economics
Jon Spivak 2014 Full Time Morgan Stanley Credit Partners
Jonas Bordo 2004 Full Time
Jonathan Polonsky 2004 Full Time Compass Lexecon
Jonathan Berry 1994 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Jonathan Chua 2020 Evening/Weekend Kenway Consulting
Jonathan Huckaby 2004 Full Time Hudson Bankers
Jonathan Seed 1994 Full Time Seed Wealth Management
Jorge Segrelles 2014 Full Time Enagas
Jorge Freddy Martinez 2016 Evening/Weekend Ates Capital Partners
Jose Munoz 2018 Evening/Weekend Geneva Capital Management
Joseph Cherukara 2018 Full Time Google
Joseph Dang 2018 Full Time PwC
Joseph Elberts 2013 Evening/Weekend SunCoke Energy
Joseph Gold 1994 Full Time
Joseph Kim 2015 Evening/Weekend Praxis Life Sciences
Josh McConnell 2014 Full Time The Burbridge Group
Joshua Livingstone 2014 Full Time Equity International
Joy Han 1999 Full Time None
Joy Maniar
Joyce Lin 2014 Full Time Franklin Templeton
Joyce Zhao 2019 Evening/Weekend
Juan Alsua 2018 Full Time Strategy&
Juan Pablo de la Cruz 2018 Full Time AWS
Judith (Henry) Scinto 1999 Full Time Global Scholars ProgramSacred Heart Greenwich
Judith Griffin 1971 Evening/Weekend J. Griffin and Associates
Judy (Solomon) Maley 1984 Full Time Booth Alumni Nonprofit Consultants
Julia Brady 1996 Full Time BVK
Julia Chang 2020 Full Time
Julia Jung 2004 Evening/Weekend University of Chicago
Julia Saunders 1999 Full Time
Julian Luria Wolf Point Asset Management
Julián Gil 2014 Full Time Omio
Juliana Jahedi 2019 Executive Northrop Grumman
Julie (Estes) Plank 1994 Full Time
Julie Danis 1984 Full Time
Julie Garcia University of Michigan Health System
Julie Martinelli Diageo
Jun Bao 1999 Full Time Impact Therapeutics
Justin Campbell 2009 Full Time J.P. Morgan
Justin Larkin 2018 Evening/Weekend Microsoft
Justin Samaniego 2018 Evening/Weekend Grainger
Justin Sheperd 2003 Evening/Weekend
Jyothi Das
Jyothsna Krishna Rau 2018 Full Time
Jyoti Agrawal 2018 Executive ScienceTomorrow
K. Sean Frey 2010 Evening/Weekend ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago
Kaitan Agrawal 1999 Full Time Currencies Direct
Kalhara Gandrakota 2018 Full Time McKinsey & Co.
Kamal Yechoor 2018 Full Time
Kane Sarhan The Well
Kapil Mohan 2009 Full Time Gallagher Bassett
Karan Gill 2016 Evening/Weekend FedEx Express
Karen (Suszko) Schwartz 2009 Full Time Michelin North America
Karen Graham
Karl Buschmann 1985 Full Time The GMC International Group
Kate Hui 2014 Full Time William Blair
Kate Iverson
Kate Maheu 2014 Full Time A.T. Kearney
Kate Pincus 2020 Evening/Weekend CNA Surety
Katherine Hatter 2010 Evening/Weekend Clarity Partners
Katherine Tkach
Kathleen Sullivan 1999 Full Time Kitchry Health
Kathy Schaeffer Kathy Schaeffer Consulting, LLC
Katie Arnold 2014 Full Time Weber Stephen Products
Kaushik Samanta 2014 Executive IBM
Kay Schichtel
Kedda Williams 2009 Full Time The Opportunity Institute
Keith Morgan 1984 Full Time Piper Jaffray & Co.
Keith Sedwick 1994 Full Time Planet One Products
Kelly Bianucci
Kelly Webber
Kelsey Johnson 2018 Full Time PepsiCo
Kelsey Burr 1999 Full Time Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Ketan Vaghani 2009 Evening/Weekend Salesforce Ignite
Kevan Parekh 1999 Full Time Apple
Kevin Bannon 2009 Full Time Walgreens
Kevin Cunningham DROOFIN
Kevin Leininger 1991 Evening/Weekend IntegriChain
Keya (Bandyopadhyay) Peterson 2009 Full Time Grainger
Kia Coleman 2009 Full Time State of Illinois
Kingston Wong 2014 Full Time Cadillac
Kinshuk Rajan 2018 Full Time PJT Partners
Kip Johann-Berkel 2009 Full Time Fidelity
Kiran Rane 2016 Evening/Weekend Sears Home Services
Kostja Mirkovic 2009 Full Time Linkedin
Kristi Bankhead
Kristin (Murphuy) Kohn 2004 Full Time Club Pilates Westmont & Oak Park
Kristin Peters 2004 Full Time MeUndies
Kristina Black 2018 Full Time
Kristine Mackey 1994 Full Time Midwest Jesuits
Kunal Jain Vistex
Kunal Jain Vistex, Inc.
Kurtis Young 2009 Full Time Ross Stores
Kwadwo Acheampong 2014 Full Time PGIM Fixed Income
Kyle Smith 2018 Full Time Heitman
L . Michael Cantor 1989 Full Time Equator Capital Group
Lalo Edery 1998 Evening/Weekend Fabex Technologies
LaMarr Barnes 2009 Executive U.S. Water Services
Lan Quang 2009 Full Time OrthoFX
Lara Compton Brookfield
Larry Berlin 1994 Full Time First Analysis
Larry Kramer 1994 Evening/Weekend York.
Latha Pai
Laura (Lo) Ip 1989 Full Time
Laura Carriles M The Bakery
Laura Crosby 1994 Full Time Cargill
Laura Gontijo de Vasconcellos 2018 Full Time BCG
Laura Matthews-Jolly
Laura Piwinski 2018 Full Time Accenture
Laura Sturrus McDonald's
Lauren Baran 1992 Evening/Weekend Entertainment Cruises
Lauren Michalak 2016 Evening/Weekend Nuveen Investments
Lauren Paz 2018 Full Time Google
Lauren Risetter 2021 Evening/Weekend Walker Sands
Laurent Foraud 2016 Full Time Japan Tobacco International
Laurie Garrow
Lavanya Anand 2018 Full Time Vestedworld
Lavanya Sridhar 2014 Executive
Lavanya Sridhar
Lawrence Dobrosky 2016 Full Time Accenture
Lawrence Harris 1978 Full Time Private Investor
Lawrence Turow 1999 Full Time Grabovsky Group
Lee Womer 2009 Full Time LinkedIn
Lee Kraus 1984 Full Time Phibro
Lena (Sullesta) Jessen 2004 Full Time
Lena Paul
Leo Bernstein 1999 Full Time LineSlip Solutions
Leon Walker 1994 Full Time DL3 Realty
Leonard Fischer 2021 Evening/Weekend US Army
Leslie (MacKimm) McCarthy 1989 Full Time
Leslie Barbi 1993 Full Time Northwestern Mutual
Leslie Graham
Lester Bern 1979 Full Time Lester Bern & Assoc.
Leticia Ini 2014 Full Time Mattel
Lex Maultsby 1994 Full Time Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Liangliang Zhang 2016 Evening/Weekend Mckinsey & Co.
Libby (McCarten) Andrews 1994 Evening/Weekend @properties
Lidia Yip 2016 Full Time Bain & Co.
Liezl Tolentino 2014 Evening/Weekend Enlivant (TPG Capital)
Lilli Rufener 2001 Full Time
Lillian Tang 2001 Evening/Weekend CME Group
Linda Bursic 2004 Full Time Evercore
Linda Pantale 2021 Evening/Weekend University of Chicago
Linda Zabors 2002 Full Time Enovation Partners
Lindsay (Wodarski) Kammo 2016 Full Time Arrive
Lindsay Hoffman 2014 Full Time BlueVine
Linsey Molloy 2009 Full Time Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Lisa (Postal) Prostic 1999 Full Time Tenacity Group
Lisa Stefanac 2009 Full Time Assessing in Action
Lisa Budhiman 2014 Full Time Gilead Sciences
Lisa Carls
Lisa Fan 2018 Full Time Microsoft
Lisa Schlonsky McLaren Health
Lissie (Rappaport) Rappaport Schifman 1994 Full Time Green Intention
Lloyd Giordano 1966 Full Time Project Consultant
Lorenzo Andreani CNH Industrial
Loreto Huerta
Louis Kenter 1984 Full Time Prospect Partners
Louis Theodor 2020 Evening/Weekend Enova International
Lovneet Singh 2018 Full Time Amazon
Luis Miranda 1989 Full Time Centre for Civil Society
Luis Nanes 2014 Full Time Google
Lynda Gauthier 2004 Full Time RBC
Lynn (Palmer) Giesen 1984 Full Time Palmer Giesen Interiors
Lynn Chen 2014 Full Time NETEASE
Lynn Replogle 2014 Full Time DNA ID
Lynne Kostakis 2018 Evening/Weekend Northern Trust Asset Management
Maanya Varandani
Madeline Hinkamp 2018 Full Time Accenture
Magesvaran Suranjan 1994 Full Time Procter & Gamble
Maggie (Magallon) Demkin 1999 Full Time Google / Kaggle
Mahogany Mead 2018 Executive IBM
Maíra Castro 2014 Full Time Gympass
Mairen Foley 2018 Full Time Deloitte
Manish Aurora 1994 Full Time Rational Investing
Mansi Chaturvedi 2018 Executive Bloomberg
Marc Austein Tyson Foods
Marc Shiffman 1994 Full Time SMS Assist
Marcos Silva 2014 Executive CME Group
Marcos Tasso 2014 Full Time Kraft Heinz
Margaret (Kirkham) McCoy 1983 Evening/Weekend McCoy Scott & Company
Margot (Kahn) Rosenbaum 1994 Full Time
Margret Klein-Magar SAP
Maria (Achoa) Fernandes 2004 Full Time Amazon
Maria Mosolova 2018 Full Time McKinsey & Co
Maria Barnes
Maria De la Garza
Maria Holmes 2011 Executive
Maria del Pilar Peterson 2018 Full Time CMX Cinemas
Mariana Suarez Yadeun Microclima
Marianna Korpusova 2014 Full Time T Rowe Price
Marie Beeson 1999 Executive
Marilyn Schlein Kramer 1984 Full Time HDMS, a CVS Health Company
Marina Zeyss 2009 Full Time Allianz Investment Management
Mario Hakme 2018 Full Time Strategy&
Marisol Calzada
Marius Ronge 1999 Full Time The Gibb River Group
Mark (Park) Stejbach 1989 Full Time Flexion Therapeutics
Mark Sneathen 2003 Full Time 4C
Mark Chapman 1984 Full Time
Mark Flanagan 2014 Executive Lindquist
Mark Gaffin 2001 Full Time The Gaffin Group
Mark Iammartino 2009 Executive Development Specialists
Mark Johnson 2004 Full Time Musclepharm
Mark Kosminskas 1989 Evening/Weekend Kelly Olson Michod DeHaan & Richter
Mark Lopez 2014 Full Time Kraft Heinz
Mark Loughridge 1982 Full Time
Mark McClendon 2004 Executive Tarrant County College District
Mark McGrath 1969 Full Time Mckinsey & Co.
Mark Piekos 1989 Full Time BMO Capital Markets
Mark Rittmanic
Mark Seltzer 1994 Full Time Claire's Stores
Mark Stejbach Flexion Therapeutics
Mårten Leijon
Martha Andersen
Mary (Swiderski) Markert K12
Mary Lezon 1999 Executive Pfizer
Mary McKinney Flaherty Frank, Gale, Bails, Murcko & Pocrass
Mary Yang 2016 Full Time Boston Consulting Group
Matan Jackont 2018 Full Time Google
Matt Bey 2018 Evening/Weekend Outlier Ventures
Matt Healy 1999 Full Time Pixelligent Technologies
Matt Janopaul 1999 Full Time Servco Pacific Capital
Matt Niksch 2004 Full Time Noble Network of Charter Schools
Matt O'Connor 2014 Full Time Flywheel Sports
Matt Ramoundos 2019 Evening/Weekend CompanyFirst
Matthew Lescohier 2009 Full Time Google
Matthew Lescohier 2009 Full Time Mr.
Matthew Beagle 1999 Full Time Hartford Investment Mgmt
Matthew Calistri 1999 Full Time Biogen
Matthew Kemp 1999 Full Time BlueGrace Logistics
Matthew Lytle Goldman Sachs
Matthew Park 1994 Full Time Main Event Entertainment
Matthew Van Voorhis 2018 Full Time J.P. Morgan
Maura Feaheny 1999 Evening/Weekend Charter Senior Living
Maureen Fannon City Colleges of Chicago
Mauricio Perez Benitez 2014 Full Time AB InBev
Max (TD/TN) Adler 2014 Full Time Wilson Perumal & Company
Mayank Makhija 2018 Full Time Amazon
McKenzie Gillis 2016 Full Time Strategy&
Meenakshi Dash 2008 Evening/Weekend City of Jersey City
Megan (O'Connell) McFarlane 2014 Full Time Peer Foods Group
Megan Johnson 2015 Evening/Weekend Mercer
Megan Lambert 2020 Evening/Weekend Aon
Megha Bisarya 2014 Full Time Apple
Melanie Angers 1999 Evening/Weekend
Melanie Chin 2018 Full Time Bitly
Melanie Quall 2018 Full Time Accenture
Melinda Dunker 1996 Evening/Weekend DunkerConsulting
Melissa (Schmidt) Reagen 2011 Evening/Weekend Nuveen Real Estate
Melissa Hamilton 2015 Full Time AVIA
Melissa Igi 2009 Full Time AT&T
Meredith (Belafsky) Swartz 2004 Full Time Meredith Swartz Design
Meredith Hein 1994 Full Time Walgreens
Miao (Mia) Yu 2018 Evening/Weekend Amazon Web Service
Michael Barton 1994 Full Time Michael Barton Consulting
Michael Carls 2018 Evening/Weekend KPMG
Michael Farb 2009 Full Time Neon One
Michael Faulkner 2014 Full Time CNA Financial
Michael Garrow 2004 Full Time Delta Air Lines
Michael Gidaspow 2008 Evening/Weekend Komatsu America
Michael Gill 2009 Full Time SAIF
Michael Leblebijian 2016 Executive Walgreens Boots Alliance
Michael Lopez
Michael Means 2014 Full Time Monroe Capital
Michael Noonan
Michael Schoenfeld 2014 Full Time Fooda
Michael Siwinski 2009 Evening/Weekend Cibus Health
Michael Stewart 1994 Full Time BBVA Compass
Michael Thompson 2014 Full Time The Cambridge Group
Michael Tilatti 2016 Evening/Weekend XR Trading
Michael Walsh Kilkenny Capital Management
Michaela Murphy 2003 Full Time Stanford GSB
Michał Rumiński 2009 Executive EEC Ventures Sp. Z
Michele (LeJeune) Arnison 2014 Evening/Weekend BDO
Michele Packard 1994 Evening/Weekend
Michelle (Tadros) Eidson 1999 Full Time Shorehill Capital
Mike Dougherty 1999 Full Time Deloitte
Mike Jakob 1994 Full Time Digital Golf Technologies
Mike McGarry 1999 Full Time Genentech
Mike Muscolino 1999 Full Time TPG Sixth Street Partners
Milee Nisargand
Milica (Milivojevic) Stanic
Miriam (Droller) Austein 2014 Full Time United Airlines
Miriam Owens 2014 Full Time McKinsey & Co.
Misako (Speers) Terui 1989 Full Time Pickwick Capital Partners
Misbah Malik PPD
Missy (Koppelman) Nachbar 2009 Executive NORC at the University of Chicago
Mohammed (ABDULKARIM) Alduayji
Molly O'Brien 2018 Evening/Weekend JP Morgan Chase
Monica (Merino) Garrido 2004 Full Time Footprint IQ
Monica Vajani 2018 Evening/Weekend MATTER
Moran Sadeh
Mrinmayee Patil 2018 Full Time Seedling
Mukani Moyo 2009 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Mulin Shen 2020 Evening/Weekend Schneider Electric/AVEVA Software
Namrata Shah 2009 Full Time A.T.Kearney
Nandita (Tiwari) Potini 2012 Evening/Weekend Egen Solutions
Natalia San Roman 2014 Full Time Scotiabank
Natalie White 2014 Full Time Thermo Fisher Scientific
Natalie Stone 2018 Full Time Hill and Stone Insurance Agency
Natasha (Barthel) Goodwin 2017 Full Time
Natasha Indras 2017 Executive nCognitiX
Natasha Sachdeva 2014 Full Time Roofstock
Nate Simon 2018 Full Time AlixPartners
Nathan Dobrofsky Boston Consulting Group
Nathan Giebel 2018 Evening/Weekend Satori Energy
Naveen Neerukonda 2009 Full Time PVA Financial
Neal Nisargand 2014 Full Time Credit Suisse
Neha Bajaj 2009 Full Time
Neil Peterson
Nelson (SANTHOSH) Missier 2009 Full Time TELE2 AB
Nerone deBrito 2004 Full Time Guardian
Nestor Zavala 2018 Executive Volunteers Of America
Nicholas (Sayers) Sayers 2009 Full Time Green Thumb Industries
Nicholas Lenicheck
Nick (dubovick) O’Brien 2014 Evening/Weekend Amazon
Nicole (Shariatzadeh) Farb 2009 Full Time Darby Smart
Nicole Pedron
Nicole Wain 2018 Full Time Pfizer
Nikhil Sama 2009 Full Time
Nikolas Mourtzanos 2018 Full Time Parthenon-EY
Nima Jahedi
Nina Xu 2018 Full Time T. Rowe Price
Nish Abeysiriwardena GN ReSound
Nithya Kanamarlapudi
Noah Weiss 2014 Full Time Domio
Nora Hedges
Norb Markert 1989 Full Time Morgan Corporation
Nour Schehade 2016 Full Time Booz Allen Hamilton
Odelio Arouca Micromed
Olivier Assaf-Chauvin 2018 Full Time Strategy&
Olmo Montesanti 2009 Full Time Natwest Markets
Omar Khayum 2009 Full Time Annova LNG
Omar Nasser 2009 Executive NPC
Onaiza (Jilani) Cadoret-Manier 1989 Full Time Grail Biosciences
Opeyemi Kusoro 2019 Full Time
Oren Yunger 2018 Full Time GGV Capital
Oscar Romero BL2SL
Osman Ahmed 2014 Full Time KCK Group
Owen LI 2009 Full Time Bank of America
Pablo Arana 2018 Full Time Kraft Heinz
Pam Schilling 2000 Evening/Weekend Arch Career Partners
Pamela Desentis
Pamela Olson 1989 Full Time Sales, Client ServiceInviting Growth
Pat Monahan 1964 Full Time Monahan Partners
Patricia Haley Glass 1989 Full Time IPS
Patrick Kurtz 2013 Evening/Weekend Union Tank Car
Patrick Ringland 2009 Full Time Meridian Capital
Paul Schmidt 2004 Full Time Akcea Therapeutics
Paul De Cock 2004 Full Time Mohawk Industries
Paul Gimmel GumGum
Paul Hoest 2010 Full Time Kirkland & Ellis
Paul Kreske 1998 Evening/Weekend Keybanc Capital Markets
Paul Manos 1994 Full Time RBC Capital Markets
Paul O'Connor 1985 Full Time Hamilton Partners
Paul Ostroff 2009 Executive Lane Powell
Paul Peterson
Paula Monsivais-Nellemann
Payal Kochar Northern Trust
Payal Motwani 2020 Full Time
Peggy Noonan
Persis Elavia 2009 Full Time Uber
Philip Smith 1994 Full Time Investor RelationsScotiabank
Phillip Leslie 2009 Full Time RIVS Digital Interviews
Pooja (Pooja) Surana 2020 Evening/Weekend WNS
Pooja Dave 2020 Full Time
Pooja Parthasarathy 2018 Evening/Weekend Narrative Science
Pooja Rajput 2009 Evening/Weekend JP Morgan
Prabhjot Gill 2016 Full Time McKinsey & Co
Prakhar Bansal 2004 Evening/Weekend University of Chicago
Pranav Rawal 2004 Full Time Sapience Investments
Pranav Sohoni 2020 Evening/Weekend
Praneeta Pujari 2019 Full Time
Prat Peled JP Morgan Chase
Prateek Aneja
Prathap Venkatesan 2004 Evening/Weekend i2 Decisions
Praveen Katakam 2018 Executive Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Praveen Sahay 1999 Full Time Wave Equity Partners
Prem Panchal 2014 Full Time Panchal Investments
Pritam Das 2020 Evening/Weekend CME Group
Priti (Shah) Lobo 2000 Full Time Sears Holdings
Puneet Agarwal 2004 Evening/Weekend Goldman Sachs
Qian Cheng 2018 Evening/Weekend Amazon
Quinn Heidenreich 2014 Evening/Weekend Suntex Marina Investors, LLC
Rachel Frank 2020 Full Time Chicago Booth
Rachel Filley 2009 Full Time Advanced Drainage Systems
Rafael Oliveira 2004 Full Time Kraft Heinz
Raghu Potini 2010 Executive egen
Rahul Aggarwal 2004 Full Time SkyPath Capital Partners
Rahul Prasad 2014 Full Time Facebook
Rahul Sachdev 1999 Full Time Fortella
Rahul Trivedi 2015 Evening/Weekend Protiviti
Raj Biyani 1999 Full Time "none"
Raj Kapadia 1994 Full Time JPMorgan
Raj Peddisetty 2014 Evening/Weekend Algarytm
Rajesh Nagella 1999 Full Time BlackRock
Rajvi Berry 1994 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Ram Nair 1999 Full Time RNM Consulting
Ram Nayak 2018 Full Time Fundation
Ram Shivakumar Chicago Booth
Ramesh Subramaniam 1989 Full Time Consequent
Randy Waring 1984 Full Time
Rashid Minnegaliev Boson Alfa
Rasika Chakravarthy 2018 Full Time Deloitte Consulting
Raul Lara 2009 Full Time LifeMiles
Ravi Jolly 2009 Full Time Kraft Heinz
Ravi Krishnan 2016 Evening/Weekend Discover Financial Services
Ravit Ansal 2014 Evening/Weekend Epsilon
Ray Young 1986 Executive Archer Daniels Midland Company
Rebecca (Gerben) Gerben Mehta 2004 Full Time Convoy
Rebecca Dauer 2018 Full Time Deloitte Consulting
Rebecca Fruchtman 2009 Executive Mayer Brown
Rebecca Lin 1999 Full Time JTShirlin Advisors
Rebecca Runkle 2004 Full Time HealthQuota
Rebekah VanderVeen 2018 Full Time Accenture
Reetu (Kumra) Mundi 2009 Full Time Fidelity
Rekha Iyengar
Renata Merino 2002 Full Time Blazin' Babes
Renato Miranda 2009 Executive PwC
Renuka Babu 2004 Full Time DOTS Technology Corp
Rex Peters 1998 Evening/Weekend Rex Peters Consulting
Reyes (Florez) Florez 2014 Full Time Platform Accounting Group
Ricardo Finger Morales
Richard Kemmling 2009 Executive ACA Compliance Group
Richard Wardell 1999 Full Time
Richard Weiland 1980 Executive
Richard Williams 2008 Evening/Weekend Accenture Digital
RIchard Cross 2014 Evening/Weekend HERE Technologies
Rina Jha 1994 Full Time BNP Paribas Asset Management
Rishabh Halakhandi 2018 Evening/Weekend Citibank
Ritam Bhalla
Ritvik Bansal 2022 Evening/Weekend Abbott Laboratories
RJ Shannon Raynor Worldwide
Rob Roquitte 1999 Evening/Weekend eCIO
Rob Wildeman 2004 Full Time Jericho Capital
robert zabors 1994 Full Time Enovation Partners
Robert Eason 1999 Full Time Neuberger Berman
Robert Jenson 2014 Full Time Whirlpool Corporation
Robert Kaplan 2017 Executive Gray Bark
Robert Lamell 2020 Full Time None
Robert Madorsky 2016 Full Time The CapStreet Group
Robert Meyer 2004 Full Time Wipfli Corporate Finance
Robert Owens
Robert Patenge 2016 Full Time McKinsey & Co
Robert Sellers Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Robert Weir 2018 Full Time A.T. Kearney
Rocio Diaz Northwest Passage
Rodney Propp 1989 Full Time Tahl Propp Equities
Rodrigo Mansur 2018 Full Time Tishman Speyer
Rodrigo Studart 2018 Full Time Lowko
Roland Cole 2018 Full Time Polen Capital
Roland Owens 2007 Executive Apps Associates
Roman Merkulov 2014 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Ron Bezoza 1999 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Ron Bruehlman 1984 Full Time IQVIA
Ronald Chan 2009 Full Time Top-Line Furniture
Ronald Ferner 1969 Evening/Weekend Cairn University
Roy Goodman 2006 Executive Digital Position
Ruchira Amin 2018 Full Time J.P. Morgan
Rukmani Sahay 2018 Full Time McKinsey & Co
Ruxandra Hill 2016 Executive BMO Financial Group
Ryan Gillmore RJ OBrien
Ryan Blute 2004 Full Time PIMCO
Ryan Boers 2014 Evening/Weekend Duff and phelps
Ryan Carmichael 2004 Full Time
Ryan Hayman 2014 Executive HSBC
Ryan Lynch 2004 Full Time Prestige Beverage Group
Ryan Powers 2016 Full Time SMS Assist
S. Randy Lampert 1977 Full Time Lampert Debt Advisors
Saakshi Agarwal Amazon
Sachin Bapat 2004 Evening/Weekend
Sagar Sheth 2009 Evening/Weekend MKM Partners
Salim Lalani 1969 Full Time Sandown Capital Corporation
Sally Li 2018 Full Time Leapfin
Salman Aldukheil 2018 Full Time
Salman Banani
Sam Cardone 2017 Evening/Weekend Freedman Seating
Samantha Go 2018 Full Time Microsoft Corporation
Samantha Pokroy 2004 Full Time Sanari Capital
Sanaz Alexander 2009 Full Time Loan Snap
Sandy Li 2014 Executive Chiascere Group
Sandy Paris
Sanjay Raghu 2004 Evening/Weekend TapHeaven
Sanjeev Mahajan 1999 Full Time Grant Thornton
Sanjiv Mehta 1996 Full Time RGP
Saori Yamanaka 2004 Full Time Schneider Electric
Sapina Pahuja
Sara (Mewman) Clarke 1987 Full Time KBB Partners
Sarah (Mullin) Cunningham 2004 Full Time Crossfire Logistics
Sarah Rosen 2020 Evening/Weekend Adobe
Sarah Owen 2018 Full Time William Blair
Sarah (Reinemann) Spaepen 2016 Full Time BCG
Sarah Abaza
Sarah Hetherington 2018 Full Time Google
Sarah Jahnke 2016 Full Time L'Oreal
Sarah McEneaney 2016 Executive PwC
Sarika Temme-Bapat UChicago Student
Saule Agdauletova
Scott Metcalf 1994 Full Time University of Chicago
Scott Brown 2010 Full Time The Edgewater Funds
Scott Bryant 2014 Full Time Google
Scott Novak 2009 Executive Zurich North America
Scott Shea 1984 Full Time Gennaro Shea
Sean Kendall 2016 Full Time ARCH Venture Partners
Sean Khurana 1999 Full Time Cavern Technologies
Sean Mccluskey 2014 Full Time BKM Capital Partners
Sean Qiao 2020 Evening/Weekend FTI Consulting
Sean Taylor 2009 Full Time Charles River Associates
Sebastian Martinez 2018 Full Time Mckinsey & Co.
Sebastian Perez-Restrepo 2018 Full Time Cinco Capital
Sebastian Sobczak 2004 Full Time Friendo
Sebastian Varela
Seenia Hong 2020 Full Time
Segun Ladipo 2016 Executive Accenture
Seiji Powell 2009 Full Time Nytera
Serge De Bock 2009 Full Time Twitch (Amazon)
Sergio De La Torre Lara 2018 Full Time Lazard
Sergio Sanchez 2014 Full Time Gympass
Seth Prostic BMO Capital Markets
Seun Akinboboye 2020 Full Time
Shalin Parmar 2004 Full Time
Sharan Kumaresan 2018 Full Time Bain & Co.
Sharon Ephraim 1989 Full Time Ephraim Advisory
Sharon Greenstein 1989 Full Time Brigham and Women's Hospital
Shaun Walker 2020 Evening/Weekend M25 Capital
Shay Smith 2014 Full Time Barclays
Shehnaz Sinha
Shehnela Kazmi 2019 Evening/Weekend
Sherry Berry
Sherry Iverson
Shira Hirsh 2016 Evening/Weekend Dynamic Signal
Shiwain Kaul 2014 Full Time Apple, Inc
Shlomo Crandus 1992 Full Time Wheels, Inc.
Shreya Gupta 2018 Full Time McKinsey & Co.
Shri Singhvi 2004 Full Time Alliance Bernstein
Shruthi Chandramouli 2009 Full Time Enjoy Life Foods
Shuchi Varandani GE Healthcare
Sian Sutcliffe
Simona Simut Patriarch Group
Simrun Kochhar 2014 Full Time Consumers Energy
Sirisha Kadamalakalva 2009 Full Time BofA Merrill Lynch
Sitaram Gundapaneni 2013 Evening/Weekend
Smita Kini 2009 Full Time
Smita Shah 2009 Full Time
Sneha Thakur Stepan Company
Sofia Cienfuegos
Sofia Garrido 2009 Full Time GrandVision Brazil
Sofia Medina
Solange Dzigan Consulate General of Brazil in Chicago
Sonal Nana 2018 Evening/Weekend Abbott
Sonia Ghajar 2018 Full Time JLL
Sonia Urintsev 2009 Full Time Mars
Sowmya Mandanapu 2009 Full Time Johnson and Johnson
Sree Kanamarlapudi Black Hawk Network
Sree Kode 2014 Full Time Caremore
Sri Malladi 2009 Full Time Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Srividya Ramkumar 2015 Executive Ecolab
Stan Kimer 1979 Full Time Total Engagement Cnsltg., Kimer
Stanton Anderson 2011 Evening/Weekend Harris Associates
Star (Quezada) Lopez 2018 Executive JD Nanotech
Stefano Zanella 2018 Full Time Lazard
Stephanie (Nowell) Burkhammer 2016 Full Time Deloitte Consulting
Stephanie (Susan) Gupte
Stephanie Ostroff 2020 Evening/Weekend
Stephanie Vomvouras 2009 Executive HCSC
Stephen Franks 1996 Evening/Weekend SFIS
Stephen Nied 1994 Full Time
Stephen Pedron 2018 Executive UnityPoint Health
Stephen Calk 1994 Full Time Alpha IR Group
Steve Minturn 2014 Full Time BMO Global Asset Management
Steve Murchie 1984 Full Time Envision Technology Partners
Steve Plank 1994 Full Time Espalier Global
Steven Nellemann 2014 Executive Anthem, Inc.
Steven Bernstein 1999 Full Time Amazon
Steven Bobowicz 1994 Evening/Weekend Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Sucha (Sastry) Sastry Brown 2004 Full Time AveXis
Sudhir Chadaga 2009 Full Time Motorola
Suganya Prathap Discover Financial Services
Suki Sujai 2018 Full Time Apple
Sukumar Thanawala 1994 Full Time
Suliat Oyelami
Sumeet Maniar 1999 Full Time WellBrain
Summer Zhang 2010 Evening/Weekend Allianz
Sunanda Sahay
Sunil Grover 1999 Full Time True Blue Partners
Sunil Pande 2003 Evening/Weekend Walmart
Suraj Arukil 2014 Executive Nuvento
Susan Murphy
Susie Villanueva-Hayward 1989 Full Time
Suzanne (Shusta) Martin 1996 Evening/Weekend True Inflection
Tal Cnaani 2009 Full Time Keter
Tal Kirschenbaum 2014 Full Time Pine Capital
Tamaria Kemmling
Tanya Burnell 2004 Full Time Henry Crown & Company
Tanya Loh 2009 Full Time M12 - Microsoft’s Venture Fund
Taria Buchanan 2012 Full Time BLACKRIDGE Unlimited
Tashfeen Ahmed 2009 Full Time Wells Fargo
Tatiana Favery 2018 Full Time H&M
Tatiana Hodapp 2014 Full Time JLL
Tatiana Pricladnitzki
Taylor Carson 2018 Full Time Google
Ted Brandt 1987 Full Time Marathon Capital
Tej Shah 2004 Full Time Macquarie Capital
Teresa Greenlees 2009 Full Time Confections with Convictions
Thiago Alfaia 2009 Full Time Marathon Capital
Thiago Favery
Thomas Noonan 2013 Executive
Thomas deBrito
Thomas Dougherty 1989 Full Time Acertitude
Thomas Gawlik 2020 Evening/Weekend OrangeQC
Thomas Grooms
Thomas Moore
Thomas Morris TraiLa
Thomas Teles 1994 Full Time
Tiffany Lee 2014 Full Time Invesco
Tiffany Choong 2014 Full Time Google Cloud
Tim Bass 1994 Full Time Hickory CRE Capital
Tim Girian 1989 Full Time LUI Group
Tim Kwan 2018 Evening/Weekend Citi
Tim Liu 2019 Evening/Weekend Capital One
Tim Nolan Innovative Outcomes
Tim Westerbeck
Timi Mohanty 1994 Full Time Mohanty Gargiulo
Timothy Richards Goldman Sachs
Timothy Turner 2020 Evening/Weekend Walgreens
Timothy Whang Stripe
Tina Gholami 2018 Full Time NVIDIA
TK Shang 2014 Full Time J.P. Morgan
Todd Babbitz 2004 Full Time Mckinsey & Co.
Todd Grayson 1989 Full Time South Central Bank
Tom Kurey 1994 Full Time Clearwater Advisors
Tom Arnison Real Estate Investor
Tom Coleman 1974 Full Time Bottom Billion Fund/NP Micro Finance
Tom Eppstein 2018 Full Time Google
Tom Hollahan 1979 Full Time Citigroup
Tom Wichman 2018 Full Time Mckinsey & Co.
Tony Noonan
Tracey Jackson 2014 Full Time United Airlines
Travis Frey 2018 Executive
Tricia Felice 2014 Full Time RedMark Group
Trinidad Valenzuela
Troy Freeland 2018 Executive UL
Tucker Moon 2009 Full Time ADP
Tugba Rona 2020 Full Time
Tural Bayev 2022 Evening/Weekend Swapp Technologies
Valerie de Charette 2009 Full Time Jetblack
Vanessa Xu 2014 Full Time Nouryon
Varun Khanna 2018 Evening/Weekend C3
Ved Sinha 1999 Full Time Edmodo
Venkat Krishnamurthy 1999 Full Time v2 Financial Group
Vera Kaeppler VK Capital
Veronica Raniwala
Veronica Seminario 2018 Full Time Amazon
Vibha Tuli 2009 Full Time Dorel
Victor Zhorin 2009 Evening/Weekend University of Chicago
VICTOR AZEVEDO 2014 Full Time PepsiCo
Victoria Yunger 2018 Full Time Zendesk
Vijay Rajan 2018 Evening/Weekend Mckinsey & Co.
Vikas Dua 2009 Full Time Ocrolus
Vikram Sivakumar 2018 Full Time Boston Consulting Group
Vinay Khemka 2023 Evening/Weekend
Vince Schaper LSC Development, LLC
Vindya Dayananda 2016 Full Time William Blair
Vineet Sahgal 1999 Full Time JLL
Vinit Atal 2020 Full Time noen
Vinod Kesavan 2008 Full Time
Vitaly Vishnitsky 1999 Full Time PwC
Vivek Mehta 2013 Executive Sinai Health System
Viviana Limon 2018 Full Time JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Vladimir Andonov 2014 Full Time Martis Capital
Wadi Karam 2014 Full Time BlackRock
Walter O’Leary 1999 Full Time South Pointe Capital
Waqas Jamal 2018 Evening/Weekend EY
Watchen Nyanue 2023 Evening/Weekend Chicago Sky
Wei He 2018 Full Time Amazon
WeiHao Cho 2014 Full Time Credit Suisse
Wendy Shao 2018 Evening/Weekend Novantas
Wenting Xi 2018 Full Time VouchCircle
Wesley Barnes 2006 Full Time Brightriver Capital
Whit Ford 1984 Full Time
Whitney Enright 2016 Full Time American Express
Whitney Enright 2016 Full Time American Express
Whitney Morgan 2014 Full Time Prodigy Finance
Wilfried Willemse 1989 Full Time
William Fitzgerald 1988 Full Time Fitzgerald Asset Management
William Turcato 2004 Full Time PAC Worldwide
Xavier Santos 2004 Full Time Deutsche Bank
Xeniya Kuznetsova
Xiaohan Kong 2018 Full Time Fiserv
Xinwei Xu 2020 Full Time None
Yang Zheng 2019 Full Time MicroQuin
Yanyi Mao 2014 Full Time Tata Consultancy Services
Yasmeen Bano 2014 Evening/Weekend UL
Ye Tao 2020 Evening/Weekend Freddie Mac
Yelena (Riordan) Bouaziz Sg2
Yelena Simonova 2019 Evening/Weekend Procter & Gamble
Yigit Kuban Accenture
Ying Liu 2014 Full Time adidas
Yixiang Han 2023 Evening/Weekend Discover Financial Services
Yogesh Kansal 2018 Full Time Boston Consulting Group
Yoh Funamoto 1999 Full Time McAfee Co.
Yoni Gol 2016 Full Time Perella Weinberg Partners
Young Lee 2015 Evening/Weekend Harris Associates
Yun He 2020 Evening/Weekend
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Management Conference in the Heart of Reconnect

Fuel your professional growth at Reconnect with Management Conference 2019, featuring a can't-miss keynote talk, hands-on sessions on management with Booth's world-renowned faculty, and the opportunity to build your network with preeminent industry professionals.

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Spectacular class dinners. Classroom sessions with the faculty you admire. Sharing what Booth means to you with old friends and newfound connections across generations. When you see what awaits you at Reconnect, you'll be marking your calendar for May 2019.

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