April 23-25, 2020

Reconnect 2020

Chicago, Illinois

Register for an unforgettable weekend with old friends and new.



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Management Conference in the Heart of Reconnect

Fuel your professional growth at Reconnect with Management Conference 2020, featuring a can't-miss keynote talk, hands-on sessions on management with Booth's world-renowned faculty, and the opportunity to build your network with preeminent industry professionals.

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Spectacular class dinners. Classroom sessions with the faculty you admire. Sharing what Booth means to you with old friends and newfound connections across generations. When you see what awaits you at Reconnect, you'll be marking your calendar for April 2020.

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Who's Coming

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Aanchal Gupta
Ada Slaughter
Adam Kowalski 2010 Full-Time MBA trainML
Adam Rubin McKinsey
Adrian Zak 2000 Full-Time MBA Citi
Ahmed Abdelsalam 2019 Full-Time MBA International Finance Corporation
Aida Sarabia 2019 Full-Time MBA Bain & Company
Ajay Jain 2010 Evening/Weekend MBA CME GROUP INC
Alejandra (Corredor) Corredor 2010 Full-Time MBA Alejandra Corredor
Alejandro Perez 2005 Full-Time MBA ESHOPEX
Alex Mammen 1995 Full-Time MBA Heritage Growth Partners LLC
Alex Melnik
Alexander Daifotis 2019 Full-Time MBA D. E. Shaw
Alexander Kuznetsov 2016 Full-Time MBA Pekin Hardy Strauss Inc
Alice Odorico 1990 Full-Time MBA Baron Capital
Almon Tse
Aman Parikh 2019 Full-Time MBA Sling TV
Amanda Szaraz Chicago Public Schools
Amani Brown 2010 Full-Time MBA The Kellogg Company
Ambika Sharma 2012 Full-Time MBA Hillrom
Amreet Singh 2019 Full-Time MBA None
Amy (Major) Fulford 2000 Full-Time MBA enlight
Amy (Poon) Poon 2015 Full-Time MBA Starbucks
Andreina Chacin 2019 Full-Time MBA Beam Suntory
Andrew Levin 2018 Full-Time MBA Finisterre
Andy Ebbott 1980 Full-Time MBA None
Andy Russ 2019 Executive MBA H-E-B
Angelica Goodstein Concentra
anita Kuba 2000 Full-Time MBA Google
Anna Mori 2015 Full-Time MBA Unison
Anna (Janowski) Miller 2010 Executive MBA Motorola Solutions, Inc.
Anne Wong 2010 Full-Time MBA none
Anthony Abbattista Deloitte
Anu Mohanachandran 2019 Full-Time MBA A.T. Kearney
Ashleigh Cares 2015 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
Atul Vaidyanathan 2019 Full-Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Atul Modi 2010 Evening/Weekend MBA Morgan Stanley
Avani Venkateswaran 2019 Full-Time MBA McKinsey
Bailey (Miller) Calderon 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA McMaster-Carr
Barbara (Mosshamer) Lamb 1980 Full-Time MBA WH Trading LLC
Barry Banker 1975 Full-Time MBA StewRt Home & School
Beck Pryor 2015 Full-Time MBA Meritize
Benoit Tas 1995 Full-Time MBA NeuroPath
Bern Moorehead Cargill
Bethany Martell 2010 Evening/Weekend MBA University of Chicago
Bob Kuhn AptarGroup, Inc.
Bret Kadison 2005 Full-Time MBA The Relentless Companies
Brian Kasal 2006 Executive MBA FourStar Wealth Advisors LLC
Brian Acks 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA Vouch Insurance
Brian Miller
Brooke Scheck Haystack
Burr Faughnan 2019 Full-Time MBA A.T. Kearney
Caitlyn Grudzinski 2019 Full-Time MBA Commodity and Ingredient Hedging
Camilo Varela 2010 Full-Time MBA Equity International
Candice Harden 2019 Full-Time MBA Facebook
Carin (Stemer) Chadow 1985 Full-Time MBA City National Bank
Carl Lingenfelter 2000 Evening/Weekend MBA Northern Trust
Carla Funk 1985 Evening/Weekend MBA None
Carolina Fritz
Caroline Sheu 2000 Full-Time MBA Ancestry Inc.
Carolyn Lu 1980 Full-Time MBA
Carolyn Brewer 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA Dynamic Signal
Carolyn Jannace 2010 Full-Time MBA Accenture
Cary Bussema 1980 Full-Time MBA none
Casey Chory Valor Equity
Cathy (Obeid) Fogler 1995 Full-Time MBA Google
Cathy Vermillion
Cecilia Recke Qualtrium
Charles (Robert) Zyngier 2000 Full-Time MBA Neuberger BErman
Charles (Charles Frank) Frank 1975 Full-Time MBA Z. Frank
Charles Cole 2019 Full-Time MBA None
Charlotte Sibley 1970 Full-Time MBA Advicenne SA
Cherie Li 2019 Full-Time MBA BCG
Chris Karlo 2000 Full-Time MBA MercuryWorks
Chris Overmyer 2015 Full-Time MBA Levine Leichtman Capital Partners
Chris Wheat 20102010 Full-Time MBAFull-Time MBA Natural Resources Defense Council
Christian Veith 1990 Full-Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Christopher Dawson 2008 Evening/Weekend MBA TC Electric
Christopher Krohn 1997 Full-Time MBA Chicago Booth
Christopher Barnard 1976 Full-Time MBA ST Engineering LeeBoy
Claire Yu 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA Oliver Wyman
Claire Kennedy 2013 Executive MBA Bennett Jones LLP
Colin (Scanlon) Scanlon 2019 Full-Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Connie Fan 2019 Full-Time MBA BCG
Connie Wells
Corey (n/a) Paulish 2019 Full-Time MBA Deloitte Consulting
Corey (N) Paulish 2019 Full-Time MBA Deloitte
courtney shea 1985 Full-Time MBA Columbia Capital Management
Dallas Cullen 2019 Full-Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Dan Martino 2015 Full-Time MBA OCEANM19 LLC
Daniel Shindleman 1990 Full-Time MBA Bridgemer
Daniel Alfano 2019 Full-Time MBA Moelis & Company
Daniel Burnside 2019 Full-Time MBA JP Morgan
Daniela Sagradi
Danielle Behar 2019 Full-Time MBA BCG
Darrell Cronan 2000 Full-Time MBA Proficiency Health Care LLC
Daryush Laqab 2010 Evening/Weekend MBA JP Morgan Chase
Davender Sahota 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA Morningstar
David Herbert 2005 Full-Time MBA Avison Young
David Mills 1990 Full-Time MBA Mills Consulting Group
David Dedeyan 2015 Full-Time MBA BCG
David Van Saun 2010 Full-Time MBA Great Wolf Resorts
David Adelman 1990 Full-Time MBA Morgan Stanley
David Nicholson 1997 Executive MBA PVS Chemicals, Inc.
David Taylor 2004 Evening/Weekend MBA Panasonic
David Rosenston 2000 Full-Time MBA none
Deborah Stoughton None
Dennis McNamara 1980 Full-Time MBA Western Asset Management
Diego Gavito Alvarez 2019 Full-Time MBA A.T. Kearney
Diego Ibarra 2015 Full-Time MBA Coppel
DMITRY TYOMKIN 2008 Executive MBA Caterpillar
Douglas Lavin 2000 Full-Time MBA UST-Global
Eduardo Creixell 2019 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Eduardo Garcia Lozano 1995 Full-Time MBA Vitol
Eduardo Sanchez 2005 Full-Time MBA Mastercard
Edward Creedon 2006 Full-Time MBA University of Illinois Foundation
Edward Dellheim 2005 Evening/Weekend MBA Abaco Group
ekta tolani 2019 Executive MBA Astrolabe Holding
Elena Zalewski 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA ACH Foods
Elena Reklaitis 1990 Full-Time MBA Lithuanian World Center
Elizabeth (Hare) Abbattista 1995 Evening/Weekend MBA none
Ellen Beatty 1990 Full-Time MBA The Aerospace Corporation
Elliot Goldman 1970 Evening/Weekend MBA XCXL
Emily Kidd 2019 Full-Time MBA JP Morgan
Emmet Holden 1980 Full-Time MBA None
Eric Anderson 2010 Full-Time MBA JPMorgan
Eric Hum 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA Ford Motor Company
Eric Dale 2017 Evening/Weekend MBA Credit Suisse
Eric Fried 2010 Full-Time MBA Foxtrot
Erich Fritz 2010 Full-Time MBA Jefferies
Erik Adams 2015 Full-Time MBA BCG
Erin Le 2010 Full-Time MBA CNA
Ernesto Sariego Marquez 2015 Full-Time MBA EY
Eswar Menon 1995 Full-Time MBA Harper Capital Management
Evelyn H Lazare 1970 Full-Time MBA none
Fabio Torres 2005 Full-Time MBA Sigma Capital Partners
Fernanda Alonso LIV Capital
Francis "Chip Miller 2000 Full-Time MBA Wolfe Research, LLC
Gabriel Cerdio 2000 Full-Time MBA None
Gary Ng 2015 Full-Time MBA Rocketmiles
Gary Singer 1990 Full-Time MBA Integration Management Consulting
Geoff Balzano 2000 Full-Time MBA Morningstar
George Livadas 2010 Full-Time MBA Upslope Capital Management
Gerardo Ortiz 2019 Full-Time MBA Grupo Patio
giovanni volonte 1999 Executive MBA Aegir Partners
Goran Lukic 2003 Full-Time MBA RSM US, LLP
Greg Hedges 1989 Executive MBA Protiviti
Guillaume Piard 2015 Full-Time MBA Nalo
Guru Gupta 2005 Full-Time MBA Morgan Stanley
Gustavo Lara 2010 Full-Time MBA Cargill
Harlan (E) Freeman 1995 Full-Time MBA None
Harsha Majeti 2015 Executive MBA Sabre
Henry Wood 2019 Full-Time MBA Citi
Hind (Hassan) Hassan 2019 Full-Time MBA Kandaka Capital
Howard Dingle 2010 Full-Time MBA RBC Capital Markets
Humberto Freda 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA Federal Bureau of Investigation
Iara Couto
Ignacio Vinke 2015 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Jack Dixon
Jacopo Sannazzaro 2015 Full-Time MBA Google
James Hinderaker 1980 Full-Time MBA None
JAMES SCHINDLER 1970 Full-Time MBA none
Jane (Zelenkov) Griffin 2010 Full-Time MBA PWC
Janet Rasche 2005 Full-Time MBA Macmillan
Janice Van Ekeren 1990 Evening/Weekend MBA None
Jason Ramski 2015 Full-Time MBA Goldman Sachs
Jason Forte 2015 Full-Time MBA Grant Thornton
Jason Vaillancourt 2000 Full-Time MBA Putnam Investments
Javier Reyes Mendez 2019 Full-Time MBA Credit Suisse
Jay Tom 1990 Full-Time MBA Wisteria Court
Jaya Kandaswamy 2018 Evening/Weekend MBA Capital one
Jean Ann Banker
Jeff Seaver 2000 Evening/Weekend MBA Western Asset Management
Jeffrey Jacob 2000 Full-Time MBA Jewish Theological Seminary of America
Jennie Baik Orchard Mile
Jennifer Varela 2009 Full-Time MBA
Jesse Gerard 2015 Full-Time MBA BMO Capital Markets
Jett Miller 2015 Full-Time MBA Royal Alliances
Jill Person 2005 Full-Time MBA Omron Healthcare, Inc.
Jill Hurwitz Hurwitz Earth Arts
Jim Carpenter 1990 Full-Time MBA Cushman & Wakefield
Joe (Cortese) Cortese 2010 Evening/Weekend MBA DiMeo Schneider & Associates, LLC
Joe Bernstein 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA Vexidus Corporation
Joel Hurwitz 1975 Full-Time MBA Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr
Joel Rabinowitz 2019 Full-Time MBA SC Johnson
Joel Dixon 2010 Evening/Weekend MBA BMO Harris Bank
John Haug 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA Ardian
John (John Perry) Perry 1968 Evening/Weekend MBA Four Hour Society
John Duffy
John Kern 1995 Full-Time MBA Kern Whelan Capital, LLC
Jon Spiegel 2005 Full-Time MBA Clarivor
Jonathan (Hargrove) Hargrove 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA Invenergy
Jorge (Morales) Welch 1992 Full-Time MBA GeoResearch
Jorge Martinez 2000 Full-Time MBA Barclays
Joseph Lee 1981 Full-Time MBA EAD
Joseph Andrulis 1990 Full-Time MBA Biamp
Josh Heyse
Joshua Bloom 2010 Full-Time MBA Simon-Kucher & Partners
Joshua Rogers 2015 Full-Time MBA Advantage Capital
Joyce Shen 2010 Full-Time MBA Tenfore Holdings
Juan Mejia 2019 Full-Time MBA Mckinsey
Juan Vasquez 2019 Full-Time MBA Google
Juliana Suarez 2019 Full-Time MBA Udacity
Julie (Ginsberg) Rubin 2015 Full-Time MBA PepsiCo
Julie (Hrobsky) Roehm 1995 Full-Time MBA Party City
Justin Martin 2005 Full-Time MBA
Justin Pitrack 2010 Full-Time MBA Point72 Asset Management
Justin Adams 2010 Full-Time MBA Waystar
K. Sean Frey 2010 Evening/Weekend MBA Peak6 Investments
Kalyan Ray-Mazumder 2019 Full-Time MBA Prepmedians
Karen (Krusich) Chin 1990 Executive MBA None
Karine (Muriele) Street 2005 Full-Time MBA Mrs
Karl Buschmann 1985 Full-Time MBA International Roundtable
Karl (T) Muth 2010 Evening/Weekend MBA Haystack
Kate (Higgins) Ebbott 1980 Full-Time MBA None
Katerina Holst 2019 Full-Time MBA Deloitte Consulting
Katherine Jacobsen 2019 Full-Time MBA EY Restructuring
Kathleen (Gill) Andrulis 1990 Full-Time MBA none
Katie Perri 2016 Full-Time MBA Adobe
Katie Jahnke Dale 2019 Executive MBA DLA Piper
Kelli Gerard
Kelsey Zehentbauer 2019 Full-Time MBA Kraft Heinz
Ken Weber 1980 Full-Time MBA Citizens Bank
Kerstin Adams Steppenwolf Theater
Kevin Strickland 2019 Full-Time MBA Google Inc
Kevin Sypolt 1990 Evening/Weekend MBA None
Keyvan Amir-Arjomand 1995 Full-Time MBA Walton Street Capital
Kirk Ziehm 2005 Full-Time MBA PayLease
Kirk Oliver 1985 Evening/Weekend MBA Equitrans Midstream
Konstantin Giantiroglou 2015 Executive MBA Credit Suisse Group
Kristina (Peterson) Peterson 1990 Full-Time MBA Mayflower Partners
Kristina Lee 2019 Full-Time MBA PwC
Kristofer Swanson 1995 Evening/Weekend MBA Charles River Associates
Kunal Nagpal 2010 Full-Time MBA InMobi
Laura Quandel 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA Quandel Consultants
Laura (Munitz) Munitz Johnson 1990 Full-Time MBA NCQA
Lauren Dawson 2016 Amazon
Laurie Michaelson 2019 Full-Time MBA Capital One
Lawrence Horner 1980 Full-Time MBA Common Ground Committee
Lee Haney 2015 Full-Time MBA Greylock Partners
Lee Ettleman 2015 Full-Time MBA Molex
Leigh (Winter) Martin 2005 Full-Time MBA Liquid Robotics
Leslie (Zuckerman) Cohen 1990 Full-Time MBA none
Leslie (MacKimm) McCarthy 1989 Full-Time MBA Postgraduate Healthcare
Lin Ye 2010 Evening/Weekend MBA Nike
Lina (Serpil) Rotchadl 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA Choice Hotels International
Lindie Wang 2019 Full-Time MBA P&G
Lindsay Lowe 2005 Full-Time MBA Exelon
Lindsay Kaufman
Lindsey Cortese
Linh Lam 2015 Full-Time MBA Glassdoor
Lisa Baker 2015 Full-Time MBA none
Lisa (Robinson) Robinson Smith 2005 Full-Time MBA Guggenheim Partners
Logan McDougal 2000 Full-Time MBA Egon Zehnder
Luca (Pizzuto) Pizzuto 2015 Full-Time MBA Fast Radius
Luis Sierra 1990 Full-Time MBA BP
Luiz Muniz 1990 Full-Time MBA Rothschild & Co
Manique Wijewardena Bloom
Manish Kothari 1990 Full-Time MBA None
Manu Murthy 2010 Full-Time MBA Apple
Manuel Rodriguez 2000 Full-Time MBA Credit Suisse
Marek Wolek 2010 Full-Time MBA FLUENCE Energy
Maria Fernanda Cuadra 2019 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Mariana Torres Cognita Schools
Marina (Netto Grande) Netto Campos 2000 Full-Time MBA Teleperformance
Mark Adams 2009 Evening/Weekend MBA Devbridge
Mark McClendon 1984 Executive MBA Bibioteca
Martin Podorsky 2019 Executive MBA LBC Credit
Martin Laguerre 2000 Full-Time MBA CDPQ
mary (Drumm) purk 1990 Evening/Weekend MBA UPenn/Wharton
Mary O'Tousa 1980 Full-Time MBA none
Mary (McMahon) Oliver 1985 Evening/Weekend MBA Energy Marketing Partners
Mary Beth (McDade) Parker 1985 Full-Time MBA Civic FCU
Mary Lou Marinas 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA Larson Consulting Inc.
MaryBeth (Sigler) Sigler 1995 Full-Time MBA Prana Executive Coaching
Matt Thorne 2015 Full-Time MBA ArrowMark Partners
MATTHEW Pearson 2010 Full-Time MBA XR Trading
maxime seguineau 2010 Full-Time MBA Axegine
Mayuri Baheti 2019 Full-Time MBA Fooda
Megan (Montante) Livadas 2010 Full-Time MBA Charles Schwab
Megan Johnson 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA Mercer
Mei (Chu) Morin 1990 Full-Time MBA none
Melis (Halac) Brufman 2015 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Merilee (Bernauer) McDougal 2000 Full-Time MBA SFSU
Michael Serviansky 2015 Full-Time MBA Pinnacle Communities, LLC
Michael Gilman 1980 Full-Time MBA Imperial Capital, LLC
Michael Vermillion 1990 Full-Time MBA J.D. Power
Michael Larrenaga 2015 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Michael Schopin 2005 Full-Time MBA Zenfinity Capital
Michael Krauss 1976 Full-Time MBA Market Strategy Group, LLC
Michele Tam
Michelle (Kim) Kim 2019 Full-Time MBA Fortive
Michelle O'Gara 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA Walmart
Mike Roehm
Miriam Dixon
Mitesh (J) Patel 2019 Executive MBA G&W Electric
Nakul Gupta 2019 Full-Time MBA Venmo
Natalia Medina 2019 Full-Time MBA Anheuser-Busch InBev
Natasha Beydoun 2015 Full-Time MBA Apple
Nate Wilhite 2010 Full-Time MBA Amazon.com
Nathan Baumgartner 2018 Evening/Weekend MBA U.S. Bank
Naveed Bandukwala 2000 Full-Time MBA Egon Zehnder
Neel Gupta
Neil Chowdhury 2010 Full-Time MBA Credit Karma
Nicole Ferry Lacchia 2005 Full-Time MBA None
Nicole Fischer Ferrero
Nikita Sharma 2010 Evening/Weekend MBA McKinsey and Company
Niraj Swarup 1985 Full-Time MBA None
Nishtha Jain 2019 Full-Time MBA McKinsey
Nitin Muddana 2019 Full-Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group
Nivedita Tripathi 2019 Full-Time MBA None
Nivvi Sakhamuri
Norman Wang 2015 Full-Time MBA PepsiCo
Oleg Ryzhkov 2012 Executive MBA ISLET GROUP
Oleg Kozyrenko 2010 Full-Time MBA A.T. Kearney
Olesya Thayer 2010 Executive MBA N/A
Olga Shilchikova
Olivia Bosek
Olya Vasilenko 2019 Full-Time MBA Lazard
Parker DeRensis 2019 Full-Time MBA Bain & Company
Patricia Stephens (Stephens) Woodruff 1990 Full-Time MBA Oracle
Patrick Sykes 2015 Full-Time MBA BCG
Patrick Scanlan 1995 Full-Time MBA Alex. Brown/Raymond James
Paul Vallejo 2019 Full-Time MBA Oracle
Paul Veiga 2019 Full-Time MBA IBM
Peter Petrov 2005 Full-Time MBA Angara Industries
Peter VanderLight 2005 Full-Time MBA Genpact
Peter Cook
Petra Woerwag 1990 Full-Time MBA none
Petra Valentova
Phil Paradise
Philip A Clement 1970 Full-Time MBA Chartwell Advisors
Philipp Klaey 2015 Executive MBA Banque Pictet & Cie SA
Philippe Van der Beken 2005 Full-Time MBA Goodman
Pierre Kemseke 2005 Full-Time MBA Ecoclavis
Pooja Pittie 2005 Full-Time MBA None
Pranav Himatsingka 2019 Full-Time MBA McKinsey & Co.
Pranjal Boghara 2015 Full-Time MBA Facebook
Prem (Ranganathan) Tadipatri 2015 Executive MBA Credit Suisse
Radhika Tadipatri
Rahul Thapar 2019 Executive MBA HSBC
Rahul Easwar 2019 Executive MBA The Leafy Group
Rajvi Rupani 2014 Evening/Weekend MBA
Ramsay Kubal 2019 Full-Time MBA McKinsey
Randy Beatty University of Southern California
Raphael Calabrese 2019 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Ravi Krishnan 2016 Evening/Weekend MBA Discover Financial Services
Ravi Gupta
Rebecca (Anderson) Cook 2000 Full-Time MBA none
Rebecca Beagan 2019 Full-Time MBA Roland Berger
Rebecca Pritzker 2019 Full-Time MBA Facebook
Ricardo Rezende J.P. Morgan
Richard Zhao 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA None
Rick Neely 1980 Full-Time MBA none
Rick Weiland 1980 Executive MBA
Rishi Sharma 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA Citadel
Rob Rotchadl 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA Hilton
Robert Bruant 2019 Executive MBA B3
Rodrigo Lopez 2015 Full-Time MBA Kue Capital
Rohini Pandhi 2010 Full-Time MBA Square
Ron Hui 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA Grainger
Ryan Gembala 2010 Full-Time MBA Pathbreaker Ventures
Sam Talsma 2008 Evening/Weekend MBA MTD Products
Samantha Xue 2019 Full-Time MBA Fidelity Investments
Samir Wagle 1995 Full-Time MBA 11:eleven Partners
Sandesh Mouli 2005 Full-Time MBA Vistara Capital Partners
Sandy (Sandy Aditama) Aditama 2019 Full-Time MBA The Arnold Group
Sanjay Patel 2010 Full-Time MBA None
Santiago Dawson 2015 Full-Time MBA América Móvil
Sara (Kaufman) Elsasser 2010 Full-Time MBA Kellogg School of Management
Sarah Slaughter 2005 Full-Time MBA None
Sarah Karlo
Satyan Merchant 2010 Full-Time MBA 1979
Saurabh Sharma 2010 Full-Time MBA Jump Capital
Scott Kauffman 2005 Full-Time MBA Gillson Capital
Scott Ross 1985 Full-Time MBA None
Secundino Burgos 2019 Full-Time MBA Pret Communique
Shailaja Taparia 2019 Full-Time MBA Groupon
Sharon van Zwieten 2010 Executive MBA Spectrum News
Sharon (Condon) Condon-Duffy 1980 Executive MBA Stock Trend Spotter, LLC
Shelby Hawker 2005 Full-Time MBA Lippincott
Shelby (Krick) Wenner 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA Partnership for Public Service
Sheldon Stoughton 1980 Full-Time MBA None
Shrish Ranjan 2010 Full-Time MBA The Hackett Group
Siddharth Doshi 2015 Full-Time MBA Strategy&
Sirisha Gorjala 2010 Evening/Weekend MBA Northern Trust
Sofia Dixon
Sophie Chen 2015 Full-Time MBA Facebook
Srividya Ramkumar 2015 Executive MBA Ecolab
Stefan Hepp 1990 Full-Time MBA IN Investments
Stephanie (Larson) Sahota 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA National Futures Association
Stephanie Bruckner Karabatsos 2010 Full-Time MBA Archilo
Stephanie Alvarez King Hospital Espanol
Stephanie Kowalski Origami Risk
Stephen Franks 1996 Evening/Weekend MBA SFIS, LLC
Steve Stevanovich 1990 Full-Time MBA SGS Global Holdings
Sue Clement
Summer Zhang 2010 Evening/Weekend MBA Allianz
Sunday (Hayward) Grace 2016 Executive MBA First Command Financial Services
Sunny (Singh) DiSoco 2000 Full-Time MBA Salesforce
Susan Hinderaker 1985 Full-Time MBA
Svitlana (Valery) Papushyna 2010 Executive MBA LVMH
Swapnil Sinha 2010 Full-Time MBA Warburg Pincus
Swati (Swati) Vasudevan 2000 Full-Time MBA Indian School of Public Policy
Tais (Tais Correa) Correa Morgan Stanley
Tao Tao 2010 Full-Time MBA
Tara Rethore 1990 Full-Time MBA Strategy For Real
Tarun Sood 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA Vanguard
Thomas Soseman 1995 Full-Time MBA Soseman Law Firm
Thurston Cromwell 2010 Executive MBA Emerson
Tim Liu 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Todd Huseby 2002 Full-Time MBA Kearney
Tracy Li 2015 Full-Time MBA CNA Financial
Tristan Riquelme 2015 Full-Time MBA Entel Chile
Tunde Oshinowo 2019 Full-Time MBA Sandbox Industries
V Psetizki
Vadim Shablakov 2010 Full-Time MBA None
VANESSA CARR 2010 Full-Time MBA DoorDash
Vasilios Karabatsos
Veda Pai-Panandiker 2000 Full-Time MBA Cargill
Veda Pai-Panandiker 2000 Full-Time MBA Cargill
Vernon Gair 2019 Full-Time MBA Pete for America, Inc
Vidur Sehgal 2015 Full-Time MBA EY-Parthenon
Vihaan Murthy
Vincent Kelly 1985 Evening/Weekend MBA J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Vitaliy (Podolski) Podolskiy 1995 Full-Time MBA Mr.
Wael Abdul Rahman 2005 Full-Time MBA Proficient Financials
Wei Lin Andrew Wong 2010 Full-Time MBA IRI Worldwide
Whitney (A) Dobson 2019 Executive MBA Solaris Midstream
Will Slaughter 2005 Full-Time MBA Northwest Passage Capital Advisors
Willis Ryckman 1995 Full-Time MBA Three Kings Capital
Wouter Bogaert 1995 Full-Time MBA none
Yan Zhang 2019 Full-Time MBA T. Rowe Price
Yana Lukanina GEP
Yarden Berkman 2019 Full-Time MBA NerdWallet
Yelena Simonova 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA Procter & Gamble
Yibai Haney Virgo Investment Group
Yoni Friedman 2015 Full-Time MBA Amperity
Yulin Ma 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA Hanley International
Yuliya Melnik 2019 Evening/Weekend MBA DIscover
Zehui Chen 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA Purdue University
Zi Dong Fan 2010 Full-Time MBA CLS Bank
Zulfiqar Ramzan
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