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Giving Something Back

Giving Something Back provides opportunities for Booth students to contribute back to their community. With more than 200 regular members, we are one of the school's largest and most active organizations.

Our goal is to enlist the business school community in support of volunteer and community service activities. Recognizing the different time constraints that business students face, we offer a wide choice of volunteer options. We currently offer over 20 projects, ranging from weekly tutoring of local school children to raising money for scholarships. We attempt to appeal to the many motives and intentions of graduate business students, harnessing their enthusiasm and energy to contribute to their project of choice. More importantly, we wish to introduce and sustain volunteerism among business school students in an enjoyable and rewarding fashion. We hope that our efforts will promote long-term commitment and sensitivity to the importance of good citizenship.

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Carlyna Carvalho
Dan Cellars
Krithika Narayan
Kate Sercombe
Nethra Venkatesh
Alice Wu