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Dean’s Student Admissions Committee (DSAC)

The Dean’s Student Admissions Committee (DSAC) and Admissions Fellows are second-year students who assist the Office of Admissions in the recruitment and evaluation of prospective students.

DSAC Fellows

DSAC Fellows are broken into the following areas of focus:

  • Campus Community: Working with the Admissions office to oversee all campus-based and student-hosted events, this team works to ensure that all prospective students visiting Chicago Booth have a positive experience.  From the Campus Visit Program to Admit Weekend to Student-Hosted Events and Affinity Group Experiences - the Campus Community team leverages the entire student body to develop and enrich relationships between the Booth community and prospective and admitted students.
  • The Booth Experience: This team works with the Admissions Marketing team to foster a holistic view of life at Chicago Booth for prospective students.  The team procures, creates, and distributes content (blogs, videos, photos, social media) that describes and portrays the unique culture and community found at Chicago Booth.  They work to maintain a communications presence through both official Booth and student-run media channels.  These primarily include The Booth Experience suite of channels - the blog, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
  • Global Booth Ambassadors (GBA): The focus of the GBA team is to work with Admissions to identify new and support existing initiatives to build the Booth brand worldwide.  The GBA will serve as the (external) face of Booth Admissions in respective events and outreach efforts and will manage the country and regional captains. 

Admissions Fellows

Admissions Fellows are Chicago Booth's primary interviewing ream, conducting all on-campus interviews. They provide the Admissions Committee with their personal assessment of the candidates, and the data to support that assessment.  Admissions Fellows provide a critical perspective in regards to the applicant pool, and are instrumental in shaping future Chicago Booth classes. 

Volunteer with DSAC

DSAC is an excellent way to get involved, make an impact on the school, get to know fellow students and staff, and have fun. You can get involved in the areas that interest you the most. Involvement in DSAC allows you to balance your commitments with your class and extracurricular schedule. Members participate in the admissions process in the following ways:

  • Campus Visit Program: Students host on-campus information sessions, campus tours, and prospective student lunches during the campus visit program. Students also escort prospective students to class to give them a taste of the academic environment at Chicago Booth.
  • The Booth Experience blog: Check out and write for The Booth Experience blog to learn about or share with prospective students the many of the diverse aspects of the student experience at Chicago Booth.
  • The Booth Experience Facebook page: Visit and like our Facebook page, The Booth Experience, to find out more about the day-to-day life of Booth students and what you can expect at Booth outside of the classroom. Through videos, photos and stories, prospective students will learn about student life through actual experiences from current students.
  • The Booth Experience Twitter: Find us on Twitter @TheBoothExp to read up on the day-to-day life of Booth students in 140 characters or less, or tweet us about your Booth classes, social life or fun in Chicago.
  • Admitted Student Phone-a-thons: Students contact newly admitted students to welcome them to the community, and answer any questions they may have about the program.
  • Admit Weekends: Admit Weekend is a showcase weekend in February and April for admitted students and partners to visit the campus and assist them in their decision-making process. Current students can participate in the planning and execution of these important student-led events.
  • Student-hosted Events: DSAC volunteers host casual events all over the world during the winter and summer breaks to meet with prospective and admitted students and share their experience at Chicago Booth.
  • Country Captains: Country and regional (United States: North-East, Mid-Atlantic, South, South-West, Mid-West, West) captains help with worldwide outreach initiatives that include connecting with prospective and admitted students and participating in student-hosted events. Captains may serve as externally facing Booth ambassadors in respective events and outreach efforts, virtually and physically.

If you have a question that you would like addressed by a current student, please email us at dsac@ChicagoBooth.edu