As a social sector leader, why have you chosen to pursue an MBA?

Our world has always experienced change, but the rate of change now is exploding exponentially. Continuing to learn, in order to keep up with the demands of life, is the best preparation for me. The pandemic has completely altered our lives and posed unique challenges in the social service sector. I want new tools to help me work on behalf of those who suffer from mental illness, especially during this ‘new normal.’  I’m hoping to gain some practical skills and new frameworks to help me lead my team through this difficult time. Ultimately, I am hoping to leverage these new resources to create lasting social impact in Hong Kong. All of these reasons have driven me to pursue an MBA.

What have you enjoyed about your Booth experience so far?

The classes have been the most impressive of my life, even though they were in a virtual format! Boothies strive hard to learn together and support each other, from technical issues to the intensive course work. The diversified expertise of my classmates, the team power, and the spirit to advance all propel me in a new and exciting direction.

How does it feel to receive the Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship? What does it mean to you?

The Hong Kong Jockey Club scholarship has helped me secure the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn and grow in the Booth Executive MBA Program in Hong Kong. I am sure the valuable knowledge and insights will enable me to pursue my dreams of bringing impact to underprivileged communities. 

About Zoe Chan

Zoe Chan is the manager of New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, a leading nongovernmental organization specializing in mental health in Hong Kong. Bringing more than 11 years of field experience and leadership, Chan has committed herself to leveraging her social work expertise and network to provide high-quality mental health services for people in recovery of mental illness (PIR), their families, and the general public.

Chan endeavors to discover, develop, and promote the strengths and talents of PIR through various vocational rehabilitation training and individualized services. She is enthusiastic in enhancing public understanding and acceptance towards their capacities through sharing and training in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Upholding the mission in building social impact, Chan supervises innovative and need-oriented service development, including aging mental health service development, and well-being promotion programs.

Flora Chu

Senior Manager, Recruitment and Admissions

Flora Chu is responsible for admissions, marketing, and recruitment for Chicago Booth’s Executive MBA Program Asia.

Flora Chu

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