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The incoming student group represents the 93rd cohort of Chicago-based students, the 29th cohort in Europe, and the 23rd cohort in Asia. Although 50 percent of this year’s students already hold advanced degrees, starting at Booth represents an entirely new challenge. Read below for first-week impressions from EMBA students at each of our campuses.

On their new classmates:

“Great first week at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business to kick off an exciting global Executive MBA journey. I learned a lot both inside and outside the classroom, with an inspiring and diverse cohort.” –Ababacar Gaye, London Campus

“Ours is an amazing cohort—53 brilliant, talented, professional, kind people from 30 countries—who are ready to share global vision, knowledge, and experience, and now I can call friends. A special shout-out to Group 9 for early mornings and late nights filled with support, explanations, help, fun, and talks!” –Anna Golubova, London Campus

On their relationships with faculty:

“Before entering Booth, I didn’t even read financial news, but now I’ve emailed Professors Lars Stole and Kathleen Fitzgerald to ask for their advice for improving my business and economics knowledge. With their help, I now know how the conflict in Ukraine affects oil prices and the world’s economy, how the pandemic affects the AD-AS relationship in the world, and the mechanism of the energy price cap by the United Kingdom. In just one week, I already felt like my knowledge has expanded by a lot.” –Albert Lee, Hong Kong Campus

“Thank you, professor Linda Ginzel, the one and only, for her surprise birthday gift. I was hypnotized to sit in the classroom and listen to her endless inspirational stories and get to acknowledge the things I didn’t know that I didn’t know.” –Vincenzo Ngo, Hong Kong Campus

On the challenge they’re facing ahead:

“If I could use one sentence to summarize my first week at Booth, it would be ‘Intense, but fun.’ We all got up from 7 a.m., attended lessons from 9 to 5, finished all coursework and assignments at 11 or so, and slept at midnight. But all the hard work was worth it.” –Albert Lee, Hong Kong Campus

“One week, nine classes, 14 case studies, and 100 hours—that is what the first week was all about. There was intensity, interaction, intelligence, and intellectual curiosity, all in one room with 82 diverse, accomplished, and humble classmates. This is Chicago Booth, and this is how we do it!” –Aayush Pathak, Chicago Campus

“It’s gonna be a tough 22 months juggling between family, work, and study, but I’m sure it will be a fruitful journey ahead.” –Brian Cheng, Hong Kong Campus

On the importance of supportive networks:

“It was never going to be easy, but I have my village—especially my supportive partner, Joseph Braun (thank you). I also found comfort in the fact that I am not the first, and certainly not the last, mother to take on the MBA journey with a newborn. If you’re struggling with pulling the trigger on something, remember this proverb: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” –Anne Margarette Robles, Chicago Campus

Congratulations and welcome!

Makini Allwood

Associate Director, Global Marketing and Communications

Makini works with the Global Admissions teams to craft content and communications targeted to prospective students. 

Makini Allwood