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Chicago Booth Insights (formerly Global Leadership Series) brings renowned University of Chicago Booth School of Business faculty members and thought leaders to cities around the world. Find a Chicago Booth Insights event near you.


July 4


The Third Arrow: Reforming Corporate Governance in Japan

Eric J. Gleacher Distinguished Service Professor of Accounting Douglas J. Skinner, an expert on corporate finance, joined investment leaders and economic scholars to discuss corporate governance in Japan. Get the event details.

Washington Square Piece

May 18

Washington, DC

Nudging Now: How Behavioral Economics Explains US Politics

Richard H. Thaler of Chicago Booth and David Leonhardt of The New York Times discuss what insights behavioral economics can bring to the political and economic challenges facing the United States. Get the event details.

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Boston Square Piece

May 24


Getting Better, Faster: Optimizing Drug Trials and Medical Treatment

John R. Birge of Chicago Booth and NPR science correspondent Richard Harris will discuss how to streamline the process of drug approval and customizing medicine. Get the event details.

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London Square

16 May 2018


Headwinds to Growth

Raghuram G. Rajan, Katherine Dusak Miller Distinguished Service Professor of Finance and the former governor of the Reserve Bank of India, will share his views about the challenges facing the global economy in 2018. Martin Wolf, associate editor and chief economics commentator of the Financial Times, will moderate the event. Get the event details.


January 26

San Francisco

Decisions and Performance in Venture Capital and Demo Day

Venture capital firms play an important role in launching and scaling start-ups. This event will examine what VCs do behind the curtains, and how strong their returns can be. Get the event details.

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