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“I and my senior leadership team have been in conversation with many in our community of students, alumni, faculty, and staff to evaluate and strengthen our work to address racism and create positive change across Chicago Booth. I am thankful to those of you who lifted your voices and demonstrated your deep concern for your school and community. Inspired by the discussions with our community, we developed a Plan of Action to strengthen diversity and inclusion at Booth. The work of Chicago Booth’s Advancement team is critical to our efforts to create a stronger, more diverse and inclusive community.”

—Madhav Rajan, Dean and George Pratt Shultz Professor of Accounting

Chicago Booth’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan reaffirms the University’s unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion, and rejection of racism.

In our work focusing on alumni relations and development, Chicago Booth Advancement is dedicated to creating an environment where all alumni, students, and friends feel valued and respected. In supporting a global community of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we ensure that official alumni clubs, special interest groups, and other affiliated organizations operate in a manner that is inclusive to all interested alumni. Historically, Chicago Booth has been committed to advancing diversity and inclusion; we recognize our community can do better and we are committed to doing so.

D&I Dialogues

D&I Dialogues is a program series for Chicago Booth alumni to come together and discuss various aspects of diversity in work and in life. Together with a variety of speakers from unique backgrounds, we will explore diversity and inclusion-related topics such as:

  • Social justice and equity
  • Unconscious bias and unpacking all the aspects of bias
  • Organizational strategies for overcoming bias
  • The business case for diversity
  • Exploring the gap between dominate culture (“fit”) and a culture of inclusion

D&I Dialogues Events

October 28 - Diversity in Organizations: Common Mistakes and How to Do Better with Professor Jane Risen

December 1 – Inclusive Leadership with Carolyn Ou, Director of Leadership Initiatives, Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership

Attend a D&I focused event by exploring the below calendar.

Internal Processes

Chicago Booth Advancement has a variety of internal taskforces focused on D&I priorities. We are reviewing our internal process for systemic biases and working to eliminate those. We have created platforms where staff can hear alumni feedback and use it to improve our effectiveness:

  • D&I Advancement working group
  • Listening Sessions with Black alumni
  • Alumni Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce

Get Involved

We are grateful to the time, energy, and talent of our established networks of alumni who connect, support, and advance their communities:

Alumni Relations is exploring the formation of more identity-based networks, as dedicated volunteers emerge with visions to support their communities. Email if you would like to be a part of establishing identity-based networks.

Make a Gift

Your gift to the Chicago Booth Diversity & Inclusion Program Fund provides Chicago Booth with the resources to establish dedicated diversity and inclusion programming for our entire community. This fund supports numerous initiatives, including bias training, a quarterly Diversity Speaker Series, tutoring for first-generation MBA students, LEAD program development, expanded coursework, and more.

Make your gift at Chicago Booth’s giving page.

Additional Information

View Chicago Booth’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan.

Our diversity articles spotlight our diverse community and our thought leadership on diversity in the workplace. Learn more about diversity on campus today.

The University of Chicago offers a variety of D&I tools and resources for alumni, students, staff, and faculty.

Diversity and Inclusion Dialogue

Date Event Name Location
12/1/2020 Inclusive Leadership: A Guided Exploration Chicago View this event »
12/6/2020 Reflections on Stereotypes and Cultural Appropriation - Inclusive LEAD-ership Series Chicago View this event »
12/8/2020 Creating Inclusive Workplaces: What Should Leaders do? - Davis Center Chicago View this event »

Previous Events

Date Event Name Location
11/16/2020 Developing a Social Venture in East Africa - Rustandy Center Chicago View this event »
11/15/2020 Understanding White Privilege - Inclusive LEAD-ership Series Chicago View this event »
11/12/2020 Women and Leadership in Finance Chicago View this event »
11/9/2020 Black Votes Matter Paris View this event »
11/1/2020 Inclusive LEAD-ership: Reflection Series - Open House Chicago View this event »
10/29/2020 Innovating for Social Equity: How Private Market Investors Affect Change - Rustandy Center Chicago View this event »
10/29/2020 Making Property Taxes More Equitable through Data Science, Modern Valuation, & Transparency Reforms Chicago View this event »
10/28/2020 Diversity in Organizations: Common Mistakes and How to Do Better Chicago View this event »
10/26/2020 Alumni Finance Roundtable Financial Inclusion Panel Chicago View this event »
10/22/2020 An Anti-Racism Dialogue Kansas City View this event »
10/22/2020 The Double X Economy - Davis Center Chicago View this event »
9/30/2020 Marketing for Good: How Do Companies Respond to the BLM Movement? - Kilts Center Chicago View this event »
9/29/2020 Innovating for Social Equity: New Approaches in Philanthropy - Rustandy Center Chicago View this event »
9/22/2020 Implementing Real Diversity in the Workplace Chicago View this event »
9/10/2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Revisited Hong Kong View this event »