Worldwide Booth Night is a global celebration of Booth pride. 

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A New Tradition 

Worldwide Booth Night began with a pair of Booth students who had a simple idea and the enterprise to make it a reality.

The first event was held in Chicago in 2001, and it soon inspired a movement that grew to reach distant cities all over the world.

A Strong Community

Worldwide Booth Night’s success results from the vibrancy of the community. It depends on alumni participating in a variety of ways, from volunteering to attending a local event to sharing Booth pride on social media.




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Booth Selfies


Presidents and prime ministers do it. Oxford Dictionaries named it 2013's Word of the Year. The selfie is here to stay—why not put a Booth spin on it?

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Photo Challenge

For 13 days leading up to the #BoothNight celebration, the Booth community will post photos that illustrate a daily theme.

Use the hashtag #BoothNight to post your photos and get a chance to win Booth gear.

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Worldwide Booth Night 2015

Make it Your Own: Act, Capture, Share

One night each year, the Booth community comes together around the world to make new connections, catch up with classmates, and rekindle the sense of pride and connectedness that are integral to the Booth experience.

We’ve set the date—September 17—but you choose where, with whom, and how you will celebrate. Whether you attend an organized event in your city, host an intimate dinner with your best Booth friends, or show your school spirit on social media, Worldwide Booth Night gives rise to the distinct sense of community that sets the Booth network apart.

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