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Dear Booth Community,

Over the past week, students, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of our Booth community have been expressing their pain and grief over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and other racially motivated events. I share your feelings of anger and frustration. Racism of any kind has no place in our society. I vehemently reject discrimination and prejudice. I also understand I must listen to our Booth community and continue to create a space where leadership, faculty, students, alumni, and staff can have open dialogues. Ask the tough and uncomfortable questions. Accept and own constructive feedback.

Last week, our leadership team had conversations with various members from the Booth community, including our African American MBA Association, alumni, staff, and other student groups to address this important issue. I am listening—we are listening. This open dialogue is one of many opportunities to learn and grow. To put forth ideas and actions that will help us heal.

Chicago Booth could not be the school it is today without a community of diverse opinions and backgrounds. I also acknowledge we need to continue to learn – that we don’t have all of the answers, that we can do more. There is work to be done, in particular with the African American community, which is working against longstanding inequalities and privilege. As we continue to listen, learn, and educate, I am committed to leading a collective change within Booth and our community, and hopefully our nation.

Dean Madhav Rajan

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