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If you were to talk with some of the 450 newest alumni of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business about their MBA journeys, you might hear a few words over and over again:  “Inspirational.” “Insightful.” “Transformative.”


These are just a few of the ways that graduates of Chicago Booth’s Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs used when sharing their favorite business school memories at a recent Graduate Dinner to celebrate the completion of their studies.

Taught by the same faculty as Booth’s Full-Time MBA Program, the flexible curriculums of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs empowered these students to realize their passions without interrupting their careers—whether they were based in Chicago or commuting from across the country. The Evening MBA Program admits and graduates students quarterly, while the Weekend MBA Program admits students twice a year and also graduates students quarterly.

Read on to learn why Booth was the right choice for these students to achieve their career goals:

An Environment of Free and Open Inquiry

“My professors and peers have challenged and stretched me to think more competently, broadly, and creatively.”  —Sammy Delgado, Weekend MBA Program, Industry: Biotechnology

“The insightful class discussions with professors and fellow classmates have added an additional dimension to my learning.”  —Raghav Kamath, Weekend MBA Program, Industry: Consumer Electronics

A Supportive and Global Community

China IBEP
China IBEP

“The insights I have gained and the friendships I have made while at Booth are already invaluable.”  —Ryan Pahl, Evening MBA Program, Industry: Banking

“Booth was a transformational journey that will continue after graduation.”  —Jaideep Deshpande, Evening MBA Program, Industry: Healthcare

“Booth showed me a new world of how to do business and connected me with the best people in the world.”  —Yishuo Sun, Weekend MBA Program, Industry: Consumer Goods

Confidence to Navigate the Uncertainties

Wellness Kayak event
Wellness Kayak event

“I have the confidence to walk into any professional situation now and ask the right questions.”  —Jessica Hatala, Weekend MBA Program, Industry: Hospital & Healthcare

“Booth has given me greater confidence to tackle complicated business problems and compete with the best and brightest.”  —Ilya Zlotnik, Evening MBA Program, Industry: Financial Services

“I leave Booth now with a greater sense of confidence, practical knowledge, and preparation for the global corporate world.”  —Nivas Durairaj, Weekend MBA Program, Industry: Information Technology & Services 

A Path for Personal Growth

“Booth has helped me find what I truly want in my job, career, and personal life.”  —Ryan Pahl, Evening MBA Program, Industry: Banking

“Booth has played a huge role in shaping my personality, from a shy engineer to someone who loves networking.”  —Raghav Kamath, Weekend MBA Program, Industry: Consumer Electronics

“Booth is a place where you find inspiration. It’s not just about branding yourself, networking, and academic learnings. It is a lifestyle that you learn to live.” —Jeremy Krell, Evening MBA Program, Industry: Entrepreneurship