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Over the weekend, several media outlets featured our faculty's insights on the pandemic, including strategies for curtailing a debt crisis and for staying socially connected while social distancing. In our new Booth Stories hub, we published a profile on an alumna who's helping frontline workers find temporary homes for their pets. This week also brings our second virtual Economic Outlook event, which will focus on COVID-19's impact on Asia.

COVID-19 Research and Insights from Chicago Booth Review

No one has all the answers for COVID-19 policy
The trade-offs of COVID-19 policy are evident, but the costs involved are ambiguous, suggests Booth's Joseph L. Pagliari, Jr.

Video: How does remote working affect your health?
According to Booth's Lindsey Lyman, working from home can have emotional and physical consequences.

Video: Postcrisis: A new role for the state
Chicago Booth visiting professor Luis Garicano, a member of the European Parliament, spoke with Booth's Luigi Zingales about the current and future role of government.

Video: The crisis will partially reverse globalization
Booth's Randall S. Kroszner says the world won't give up entirely on globalization, but we will forego some of its benefits.

Video: How healthy are supply chains following the advent of COVID-19?
Many suppliers have responded to the challenges of COVID-19 by reducing complexity to ramp up capacity, suggests Booth's Nicole DeHoratius.

Capitalisn't: Coronavirus—the state bankruptcy debate
On the Stigler Center podcast, Luigi Zingales and his cohost Kate Waldock explore the issue of allowing states to declare bankruptcy.

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Select Thought Leadership in the Media

April jobs report likely to show highest unemployment rate on record
May 3 | The Wall Street Journal
Joseph Vavra identified industries most vulnerable to shutdowns: restaurants and bars, travel and transportation, entertainment, personal services, some retail, and some manufacturers.

A solution to the looming debt crisis in emerging markets
May 3 | Financial Times
Booth's Chang-Tai Hsieh and coauthors offered a solution to the looming debt crisis that would offer vital relief to many developing countries.

Retail chains face uphill battle getting shoppers back in stores
May 2 | The Hill
Professor Nicole DeHoratius suggests appointment shopping could be an effective approach for retailers that are starting to reopen.

Fatigue is here, but the economic fight is just beginning
May 1 | The New York Times
According to professor Austan Gooslbee, the government must maintain public support to limit the long-run damage precipitated by the coronavirus.

Go ahead, call that old friend. It will go better than you think.
May 1 | Chicago Tribune
Prior to lockdown, many social connections happened accidentally. Now that we have to decide to connect, Booth's Nicholas Epley says any barriers in the choice are magnified.

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COVID-19 Content Across Booth

Alumna launches program for pet owners in need
PAWS Chicago, an alumna-founded animal shelter, is providing temporary homes for the dogs and cats of anyone affected by COVID-19, including frontline workers and patients.

Labor market impacts of COVID-19 on businesses: Update with Homebase Data through April 25
The Rustandy Center and UChicago's Poverty Lab continue to study COVID-19's impact on small businesses. Read the latest findings.

The Paycheck Protection Program, meant to prevent mass layoffs, missed its target
ProMarket shared research findings from Booth's João Granja, Constantine Yannelis, and Eric Zwick that the CARES Act funds did not flow to areas more adversely affected by the pandemic.

Pandemic Economics: Who can work from home?
On BFI's podcast, Booth's Brent Neiman and UChicago's Simon Mongey discuss their research quantifying who can work from home and who bears the costs of social distancing policies.

Controlling Epidemic Spread: Reducing Economic Losses with Targeted Closures
In this working paper from the Becker Friedman Institute, Booth's John R. Birge and Ozan Candogan provide a framework for obtaining the policies that induce the lowest economic costs.

Plans to reopen economy must consider childcare obligations
UChicago News covered recent research from Booth's Jonathan Dingel and Joseph S. Vavra on how childcare needs affect US households.

Upcoming Webinars

COVID-19 and the global economic outlook for Asia
Thursday, May 7, 8 p.m. HKT
The next virtual Economic Outlook will feature insights from Booth's Chang-Tai Hsieh and Randall S. Kroszner as well as economist Richard Wong, AB ’74, AM ’74, PhD ’81 (Economics).

COVID-19's impact on fintech and regtech
Thursday, May 7, Noon
Polsky Center entrepreneur-in-residence Doug Monieson will discuss the challenges facing the fintech and regtech industries with Brian Clark of Ascent Technologies.